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The car has not been in danger for 4 years, only to find out that the insurance for the 3 series car has been safely done before. The 500 coupons given are only 500 each time, and 2 pieces of 500 cannot be directly offset for one maintenance, so every small maintenance has to be posted by yourself More than 400, then I buy a better oil filter and do it outside for almost 400.

So this time I just happened to call Zijin Insurance, and it was very real, and I directly sent 4s small maintenance + 4s one side of paint.
Insurance Type: Car Damage + Three Responsibilities 300w + 5 Seats Insurance (2w each) + Compulsory Traffic Insurance + Vehicle and Vessel Tax = 4466.75
Actual Payment: 4466 – Cashback 661 = 3850


Angksela turned 8 years old this year, and rented it out for 2 years halfway through, and recovered more than 30,000 blood. Although there was a minor accident on the way, the insurance cost increased by more than 2,000. After the car came back, I just drove it by myself. Three responsibilities.

AXA Insurance, I sent an AXA Balance Personal Comprehensive Supplementary Medical Insurance with the original price of 198 (the car happened to be in my dad’s name)
Insurance Type: Three Responsibilities 100w + Compulsory Traffic Insurance + Vehicle and Vessel Tax = 1791

After careful comparison, if you just need 4s maintenance and car paint, in fact, the 3 series car is comprehensive and the most cost-effective, but I also asked the other two insurance companies, if they do not do car damage, their 3 liability insurance also has no discount.

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