The classic movie “Camel Xiangzi”

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Camel Xiangzi (1982)


The Plot Introduction of Camel Xiangzi

  The film is based on Lao She’s novel of the same name. Xiangzi (Zhang Fengyi), a hard-working rural youth, lives in the suburbs of Beijing in the old society. After losing his land and his parents, Xiangzi came to Beijing to work as a driver in Liu Sikai’s rickshaw factory. Xiangzi wakes up from morning to night and works day and night, hoping to buy a foreign car by himself instead of renting someone else’s car to pull it. Xiangzi finally managed to scrape together 100 yuan to buy a new car, but he was taken away by the warlord strong man with his car shortly after. Xiangzi was in charge of transporting shells with a foreign chariot in the army, and Xiangzi’s chariot rolled down the valley when he fled after being defeated. The soldiers all fled, and Xiangzi accidentally picked up three camels from the army. He sold camels and returned to Liu Si’s depot as a driver. People named him “Camel Xiangzi”. Liu Si’s daughter Hu Niu (played by Siqin Gaowa) fell in love with Xiangzi and made him drunk with wine… © Douban

Xiangzi thought that he was young and strong, and with his own efforts, he had been working hard to pull a car, and he would have a rickshaw of his own.

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