Bancassurance institutions survey footprints reveal the main line of investment


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 Titan Media App reported on August 26 that since July, with the release of mid-term reports of listed companies, the popularity of bancassurance research has continued to increase. As of August 25, according to statistics, banking and insurance institutions have surveyed 1,619 A-share listed companies in total, and the total number of surveys has reached 1,719. Among them, insurance institutions have conducted a total of 1,313 surveys, becoming the main force in the survey. From an industry perspective, industrial machinery, electrical components and equipment, electronic components and other fields are the focus of research by banking and insurance institutions. Industry insiders believe that the current economy is still in the recovery stage, and the effect of the "steady growth" policy will gradually appear. We can focus on individual stocks and industries supported by deterministic performance, and seize the opportunity of medium and long-term excess returns. (Source: China Securities Journal)

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