Barbee – Hides the macOS menu bar icon. Want to be a Bartender replacement?

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Barbee is a tool used to hide macOS menu bar icons. It supports automatic display/hide, automation, shortcut keys, and two modes. The developer said “I want to replace Bartender”. @Appinn

Barbee - 隐藏 macOS 菜单栏图标。Bartender 平替?

From the Discovery Channel , self-recommended by the developer @HsiangHo.

Barbee – Mac menu bar icon management software

The main function:

  • The most basic function is to help you hide icons and display them when necessary
  • There are two main working modes for hiding menu bar icons: normal mode and enhanced mode
    • Normal mode is suitable for screens without bangs. If there are many icons, go directly to enhanced mode
    • Enhanced mode will use a separate menu bar to exist under the original menu bar of Mac, click the icon to use
  • Barbee’s own menu bar icon can be hidden, the gospel of obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Chinese

The developer finally said: I want to be a replacement for Bartender (Bartender is really the industry ceiling), Barbee is free to download and try on the Mac App Store, and I will send the code directly to those who are interested.


As a Bartender user, Green Frog has also studied Barbee. From the point of view of use, it can meet the needs of hiding the icon in the title bar, but the current normal mode is too ordinary, it just hides a function. If you want automation, shortcut keys, etc., you need enhanced mode. But the enhanced mode is to display hidden icons on a separate line, and the little frog is still used to displaying them on one line.

The automation function can be more flexible to hide icons, so that certain icons are hidden only when needed. For example, setting the battery icon to only show when there is any change, and then hide it, you can save another place in the menu bar.

Barbee - 隐藏 macOS 菜单栏图标。想做 Bartender 平替? 1

The shortcut function can be assigned to the display and hide setting shortcut keys of an icon, or take the battery as an example. When the shortcut key is pressed, the battery icon will appear immediately, and it will be automatically hidden after a period of time (shortcut hiding is not supported at the moment), and hidden When the Barbee menu bar will pop up:

Barbee - 隐藏 macOS 菜单栏图标。想做 Bartender 平替? 2

Students who need it can try it. In addition, the developer has sent some redemption codes (the original price is 25 yuan to buy out), which will be given out in a lucky draw on the niche software Weibo .

In addition, judging from Barbee’s comments in the app store, the functions are also optimized step by step, so you can look forward to it.


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