Why do middle-aged people always love to start a business?

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Generally speaking, young people are the most suitable for entrepreneurship. Young people have low cost and high anti-risk ability. Even if they fail, there is still time and opportunity to start over. But if we really look at the entrepreneurship market, we may find that middle-aged people prefer entrepreneurship.

Think about it carefully, it is normal, and then try to interpret it.

I’ve been looking at cars recently. For me, buying a car is not a particularly difficult thing (after all, there is an industry premium for software development here), but on the other hand, it’s also a difficult thing, and I can’t take it out at once. so much cash.

So what kind of people are buying these good cars?

If you think about it, these cars are probably bought by people in their 30s and 40s. They often make a wave of money with the dividends of the times. The skyrocketing property prices also allowed them to get enough cash flow. Even if there is not enough real estate, most of the loans owed to buy a house when graduating that year have been repaid. The rest are some daily repayments, which can be left at the end of each year.

When you have bought a house, the biggest transaction of your life is over. If you don’t consider the subsequent replacement property, then the income you have saved will be a lot of money.

Life can hardly give you excitement and passion anymore. And starting a business is a choice that can give you great excitement and novelty. If you do it well, you can even double your assets several times. As a middle-aged person who has been deeply involved in the industry for several years, this is no different from a good choice.

If you are, can you resist this attraction?

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