Because of a “Football Manager” anchor, I think Chinese football is saved

Football Manager is not the most realistic simulation game, but it is an amazing game because it always has some wonderful intersections with real football.

Playing Microsoft Flight Simulator won’t make you a civil aviation pilot, but playing Football Manager can really make you a real football coach.

In 2014, England’s 10th tier club Romsey Town appointed a new 22-year-old manager, setting a record for the youngest manager in FA Cup history. The news of such a lower league team would not have attracted the attention of the media, but the special status of the new coach has attracted the attention of the world, because the coach named James Phillips is the “Football Manager” of experienced players.


James Phillips explains tactics to players In an interview, the coach said: “I’m very interested in player management and football tactics, especially when I have the Football Manager game installed on my computer. For a long time I am after school. Just go home and play Football Manager, in which I even brought my hometown team to the Premier League.” If being the head coach of a lower league team is not inspiring enough, we might as well turn our attention to the top league.

Solskjaer, the former coach of the Premier League Manchester United team, said that he is a senior “Football Manager” player and has learned a lot of team management skills in the game.


Former Manchester United coach Solskjaer In 2008, the Premier League Everton Club signed an agreement with Sports Interactive, the developer of “Football Manager”, to use the “Football Manager” database to find powerful and potential players and coaches around the world.


Football Manager used to be a sponsor of Everton but these cases always felt too remote for me, until I witnessed Football Manager’s amazing ability to connect virtual and real. There is an anchor in Douyu called A Fei, but his fans usually call him a cheap maid and Yun Hai. A Fei mainly broadcasts console stand-alone games. The anchor is best at simulation business games. In fact, this kind of game is usually not the best choice for live broadcast due to its slow rhythm and insufficient graphics, but the magic of Ah Fei is that he can always use all kinds of outrageous brain holes and wonderful explanations to turn corruption into magic. Create explosive program effects.


The famous scene of women’s clothing and in the game live broadcast by Ah Fei, the most effective program is “Football Manager” .

In the process of live broadcast of “Football Manager”, Ah Fei has created countless famous scenes. He once led the Spaniard and said, “How could he score 5 goals” when he led the Europa League by 4 goals. As a result, Lazio chased 5 goals in a row, creating a super rollover that is more miraculous than the Istanbul miracle. “Tears in Lazio Rainy Night”.


He also led the Ukrainian team to successively beat Denmark, Portugal and Brazil in the World Cup to win the World Cup championship.


He once coached the Ligue 1 Nancy team. After a series of disastrous defeats at the end of the season, he was relegated in advance. On a whim, he clicked “Resign” while the game was still in progress, which triggered this scene that 99% of players have never seen before:


And this is probably the most famous “Football Manager” anchor on the Chinese Internet, and the most famous scene started two years ago.

On January 22, 2020, Director Yun (A Fei’s name in “Football Manager”) opened a new file of “Football Manager” as usual, this time he did not specify which team he was in at the beginning of the game. Coach, but as an unemployed coach, waiting for the team to throw an olive branch to him. Since the resume of the coach selected at the opening of the file was not strong, Guidance Cloud adopted the strategy of casting a wide net and sent resumes to all the teams with vacancies in the head coach. But the level of Yun’s guidance is too bad, and all European teams rejected him without exception.


In desperation, Director Yun had to turn his attention to the team in his own country. Even if it is a Chinese League (China’s second-level league) team that few people pay attention to, Director Yun does not dislike it.

In the end, Meizhou Hakka, a China League One team from Guangdong, finally threw an olive branch to Director Yun, and his career as a China League One coach began.

The first thing you need to do when you arrive at the team is to understand the attributes of the players. Since the level of the Chinese League One is really not high, in addition to foreign aid, the strongest player in the team should be the goalkeeper Hou Yu, who can also be the main force in the Chinese Super League.


The first season of the China League One came to an end soon, and Director Yun led Meizhou Hakka to win the China League One championship. However, in order to move to a strong European team faster, Director Yun chose to resign and seek a career in the Chinese Super League. Opportunity to coach a strong team.


What Ah Fei didn’t expect was that this brief coaching trip in Hakka, Meizhou laid the groundwork for the strongest program effect of his “Football Manager” live broadcast career. On December 5, 2021, A Fei started the live broadcast of “Football Manager” as usual, until a special barrage broke the calm in the live broadcast room. A fan with the ID “Haka Hou Yu” posted this barrage: “A Fei wishes me success in Chongchao, I will open the Earl” (the Earl is worth about 5,000 RMB on the Douyu platform).


Since he rarely received gifts of such high value, A Fei responded to the barrage “Which boss of Zhongjia are you?”.


But this fan said that he was Hou Yu himself, the goalkeeper of the Chinese League One team Meizhou Hakka.


In fact, as early as when Ah Fei broadcasted Meizhou Hakka in 2020, the fan named Hou Yu often gave gifts, but since many fans used the player’s name as an ID to play tricks, the anchor did not think that he was really I have this magical possibility.

In the face of the super fire (douyu gift, worth 2,000 RMB) sent by “Hou Yu”, the anchor first came to tout:


Later, he doubted the authenticity of the matter, and still said “I don’t believe it”.


After Hou Yu sent two more rockets, Ah Fei, who couldn’t resist the temptation, said that he could buy Hou Yu in the game for the Championship team that he was currently playing, but immediately changed the subject and said that Hou Yu was playing in the game. I can’t play in the Championship without a work permit.


Hou Yu, who had given a bunch of gifts, called out that he was fooled and made that classic cry:



However, Ah Fei, who knew how to make the show effect, came up with a three-hit combo:

“I feel like (Hou Yu) really drank too much”




“As tall as 1.93 meters, is it a false statement of height?”


“Anyway, your count has also opened it, and it is impossible to refund the money.”



After a few back and forth, A Fei said that he still did not believe that Hou Yu was himself, unless he replied to him with a certified Weibo to verify. As a result, Hou Yu immediately replied to Ah Fei with the verified account.


This time the anchor finally believed that Hou Yu was really himself.


But in the face of Hou Yu’s request to “wish me success in Chongchao”, Ah Fei hesitated. After all, like many anchors, Ah Fei also has a traditional talent of poisonous milk.




After verifying that Hou Yu was himself, Ah Fei did not forget to add a few more knives to the grand boss:







In fact, the results of the Meizhou Hakka at that time were very good, not because after saying these words at the bottom, he did not forget to use the tone of his old father to remind people to “watch less live broadcasts”:







Barrage: Who are you? However, Fei, who was so arrogant in the live broadcast room, immediately persuaded after adding WeChat:

左:侯宇 右:阿飞 Left: Hou Yu Right: Ah Fei

An anchor of “Football Manager” met the real player of the team he coached in the live broadcast room . In the history of the live broadcast of the game “Football Manager”, it can be regarded as the strongest program effect. However, this good story almost ushered in the Bad End, because A Fei still gave poisonous milk during the live broadcast.


Next, let’s take a look at the actual situation of the Hakka in Meizhou at that time.

At that time, Meizhou Hakka ranked second in the Chinese League, 9 points ahead of the third-placed Chengdu Rongcheng and the fourth-placed Zhejiang team. Since the top two in the Chinese League can be directly promoted to the Chinese Super League, there are only 4 rounds left in the Chinese League. , Meizhou Hakka’s Chongchao situation is very good.


In the 31st round, Meizhou Hakka defeated the Guizhou team 5-0, still leading the third place Chengdu Rongcheng by 9 points. With only 3 rounds left in the league, the next round will be a tie to succeed. In three games, you can rush to the Super League after a draw, which is basically a sure thing, but the results of the next two rounds are surprising.

In the 32nd round, Meizhou Hakka lost 1-2 to Chengdu Rongcheng; in the 33rd round, Meizhou Hakka lost 0-1 to Wuhan Sanzhen. However, in these two rounds, another overtaking opponent Zhejiang team has won two consecutive victories. So Zhongjia came to the final round. When Meizhou Hakka played against Kunshan at home, they still needed to draw at least to ensure the overtake. However, considering that the Kunshan team is only in the middle of the league, it should not be difficult to get 1 point in this game. The fans of Meizhou Hakka prepared banners to celebrate the success of the Super League before the game, but the process of the game was beyond everyone’s expectations. expected.


Only 18 minutes into the game, the Kunshan team scored a goal, and Meizhou Hakka fell behind 0-1. In the next game, although Meizhou Hakka slammed 17 shots, they always lacked a bit of luck. In this way, they ushered in the final stoppage time when they fell behind.

At the same time, their rushing opponent Zhejiang team leads Wuhan Sanzhen 2-1. If Meizhou Hakka can’t tie in this game, they will miss the opportunity to directly advance to the Super League. However, in the last few seconds of the game, the most dramatic scene appeared. The performance of the whole season was terrible. Gui Hong, a player who did not score a goal, suddenly scored a shocking world wave and equalized the score!


After this goal, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game, and Meizhou Hakka successfully entered the Chinese Super League.

No one could have imagined that a small team like the Meizhou Hakka from Wuhua County would be able to ride the dust and succeed in the Super League. What no one thought was that the script of their Super League was so full of drama . Meizhou Hakka became the first county-level team in the history of the Chinese Super League, which created a miracle. The streets of Wuhua County in Meizhou after the game seemed to return to the day when the Chinese men’s football team qualified in 2001.


Guangzhou, which is more than 300 kilometers away, also sent congratulations to the Meizhou Hakka, the landmark Canton Tower:


Of course, the anchor Fei, who has forged an indissoluble bond with the Meizhou Hakka, also sent blessings with the characteristics of the anchor on Weibo:


“The most barrage of kicks” is too real in Meizhou, which may be a strange name to people outside Guangdong, but Meizhou is actually the hometown of football recognized by the state, and Wuhua County in Meizhou is also the hometown of football champion Li Huitang , this is one of the best places for Chinese football atmosphere.


Li Huitang’s former residence in Wuhua County, Meizhou When it comes to Chinese football, most people first think of not a certain active player, but the following two:



But in addition to the poor record of the men’s national football team and the chaos of the Chinese Super League, the flame of football is still burning tenaciously .

Under the zhihu question “How do you think about the success of Meizhou Hakka Football Club’s impact on the Chinese Super League”, I saw such an answer:


Knowing the answerer @李阳and the general manager and boss of Meizhou Hakka, he can also be regarded as a clear stream of Chinese football. Unlike other Chinese Super League teams with deep pockets, neither the owners of Wuhua County nor Meizhou Hakka have strong financial resources to play Jinyuan football. Meizhou Hakka was established in 2013, and it took 9 years to rush to the Chinese Super League from the Second Division. It depends on respecting the law of football development and managing it with heart and mind, that’s all, but such a “simple” and unpretentious concept is exactly what Chinese professional football lacks the most.


The humble home court of Meizhou Hakka in the Chinese League One period With the ebb of Jinyuan football in the Chinese Super League, the “grand occasion” of big-name foreign aid in the past few years will also come to an end. However, there are still teams like Meizhou Hakka that operate down-to-earth, step by step, and respect the law of football development; in those places we are not familiar with, there are still a group of football fans who love football, and players who are willing to contribute to football, as long as there are They are here, and the flame of Chinese football will not be extinguished.

As a Bayern Munich fan, I actually didn’t pay much attention to the Chinese Super League before. After years of wandering abroad, I was no longer familiar with my hometown team. Chinese professional football is far away from the world’s top leagues in terms of its level of competition and professionalism. Like me, many people have to choose a foreign team that is thousands of miles away as their “home team”.

But I don’t want to support my hometown team, and I don’t want to be able to cheer for my favorite team with tens of thousands of fans at the scene every game, instead of staying up late on the TV screen watching foreign leagues. What fans like us need may just be an opportunity, an opportunity to rebuild confidence and hope in Chinese football.

Thanks to “Football Manager” and the anchor A Fei, for letting me know such a respectable team as Meizhou Hakka.

Football, as it should be.

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