Obituary | Dr. Sun Jian, Chief Scientist of Megvii and Dean of Megvii Research Institute, passed away

We are extremely sad that Dr. Sun Jian, the chief scientist of Megvii and Dean of the Megvii Research Institute, left us forever in the early morning of June 14, 2022 due to ineffective rescue of a sudden illness.

Dr. Sun Jian devoted his life to scientific research. His unfortunate death made Megvii lose a leader in exploration and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence technology. Every contempt classmate who has worked with him has lost a wise and humble teacher. On the wall of the Megvii Research Institute, the research mission laid by Dr. Sun Jian has always been hung: continuous innovation and expansion of cognitive boundaries, and extraordinary technology to achieve product value. This sentence will always inspire us to climb the peak of scientific research!

This is an obituary.

Megvii Technology Dr. Sun Jian Funeral Committee June 14, 2022

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