Before the new product was released, the iPhone 13 charged a wave of low prices in the tens of billions of subsidies

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What? Pinduoduo’s tens of billions of subsidies are coming again?

That’s right, even if you missed the previous “8.8 Promotion” and “8.18 Mobile Festival”, there is still “8.28 Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion” in front of you.

Starting from 0:00 today, through the Pinduoduo app and mini program to enter the main venue of the 10 billion subsidy, you can receive a combined coupon package of up to 70 yuan . The original price of iPhone 13 from 5,999 yuan has dropped by 1,000, and there are more good-priced Meixin mooncakes to give you more choices for gift giving.

Don’t forget, it is appropriate to get the coupon first and then place the order, and it is appropriate to offer dozens of extra discounts. Whether it’s changing your phone, or preparing a gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival Teacher’s Day in half a month, come to Pinduoduo and call it a fragrance~

If you don’t have any clues yet, we have also picked some good things that are worth starting with for your reference👀

What to buy in the Mid-Autumn Festival?

1. iPhone 13 📱

Official website price from ¥5999 → Big promotion price from ¥4899 (stackable coupons)

Long press ⬇️QR code to get exclusive price for fans and buy now

After all, the iPhone is definitely indispensable.

Some people may ask, a new product will be released in half a month, is it still appropriate to buy 13 now?

However, according to the current information, the upgrade range of the new phone is limited. If it is not on the Pro series, even the processor will not be updated. Rumors of raising the starting price are also rampant. In addition, in the first month or two of the release of the new machine, it is certain to wait in line for delivery.

Therefore, for partners who have limited budgets or want to change their mobile phones too early and want to enjoy early, the iPhone 13 is still a very cost-effective choice. After all, the official website price of the iPhone 13 starts at 5,999 yuan. Now the tens of billions of subsidies have been squeezed to 4,869 yuan after the coupon. . Save more than a thousand dollars and new models, which option is more attractive is up to you.

2. MacBook Air 💻

Official website price from ¥9499 → Big promotion price from ¥7898 (stackable coupons)

Long press ⬇️QR code to get exclusive price for fans and buy now

The new MacBook Air with M2 chip, which was released not long ago, was quietly put on the shelves in the tens of billions of subsidies 😍. Just looking at the subsidy level, you would even think that this is an old model – how can one subsidize more than 1,000 yuan?

The new MacBook Air is good for everything: an unrivaled M2 chip for energy efficiency, 18 hours of battery life, a 1.24kg ultra-thin body, a 13.6-inch narrow-bezel screen that’s bigger than its predecessor… If there’s anything bad about it, it’s expensive. The 256GB entry model also exposed the “hard drive slowdown door”.

But there is no problem with tens of billions of subsidies. The starting price of less than 8,000 yuan after the subsidy is almost unchanged from the previous generation; those who want ultra-high-speed hard drives can also boldly go to the 512GB version. Compared with the scary price of 11,899 yuan on the official website, the 10 billion subsidy of 9,899 yuan is more acceptable. .

3. AirPods 3 🎧

Official website price ¥1399 → Big promotion price from ¥1081 (stackable coupons)

Long press ⬇️QR code to get exclusive price for fans and buy now

It is said that anyone who buys AirPods will regret it — and regret buying it too late.

The extremely lightweight wearing style and long battery life make it possible to hang it on the ear almost all day (although it is not recommended from a health point of view), and the high compatibility with the iPhone also makes it the most popular Apple product by users One, it’s no exaggeration to say that AirPods single-handedly opened up the true wireless Bluetooth headset market.

For those who haven’t bought it yet, why don’t you take advantage of the subsidy and see why everyone praises it?

Apple’s ecology is not limited to the above products. If you are more interested in iPad, Mac mini, Apple Watch, or want to buy other specifications of iPhone, MacBook and AirPods, then long press and scan the code to enter the special selection of tens of billions of subsidies for Apple Buy it, not introduced, there are also high discounts:

4. vivo X80 📱

Official website price from ¥3999 → Big promotion price from ¥3599 (stackable coupons)

Long press ⬇️QR code to get exclusive price for fans and buy now

It’s Android’s turn to play, how can we not mention the vivo X80?

When the X80 was launched, it broke the market practice of strictly distinguishing between medium and large cups in terms of configuration. All models are equipped with Dimensity 9000, V1+ self-developed chip, IMX866 main camera and 80W flash charge, except that there is no 2K screen and IP68 Dustproof and waterproof, the other is to lower the flagship configuration to 3000 yuan; plus the unique Zeiss image and OriginOS also have many loyal fans, it is not difficult to understand why it is very popular after its release.

If you want a “bucket machine” that is not expensive and has almost no shortcomings, you are right to choose the X80.

5. Redmi Note11T Pro 📱

Official website price from ¥1599 → Big promotion price from ¥1449 (stackable coupons)

Long press ⬇️QR code to get exclusive price for fans and buy now

As for the cost-effective choice, it is naturally the Redmi Note11T Pro. Who else can use the full configuration of Dimensity 8100 chip +, 144Hz adaptive high refresh screen, 67W fast charge and 5080mAh large battery at a price of over a thousand yuan?

And as Redmi’s “traditional virtues”, Dolby Atmos dual speakers, infrared, X-axis motors, and 3.5mm headphone jacks have all been retained.

At present, the Redmi Note11T Pro tens of billions of subsidy coupons only start at 1429 yuan, and partners who do not pursue flagships or want to buy mobile phones for their parents can take a look at it.

The Android camp releases several new models every month. Of course, I can’t finish the introduction here. Partners who are interested in other models can scan the QR code below to enter the 10 billion subsidy Android special selection. The first subsidy is more than 400 yuan cheaper, the Xiaomi 12s Ultra, the price of the Xiaomi Mi 11, the sales-leading Honor 70, the 2,000-yuan real me GT Neo3, and so on, all of them are in it.

6. Acer Shadow Knight Engine Pro Gaming Notebook 💻

Official website price from ¥7699 → Big promotion price from ¥7099 (stackable coupons)

Long press ⬇️QR code to get exclusive price for fans and buy now

The new semester is about to start. If you need a high-performance laptop to run models for rendering or play “Ayrden Circle” and “Blue Sea and Black Sails”, then the Acer Shadow Knight Pro may be able to satisfy you.

The i5-12500H, 140W full blood version RTX3060, and 165Hz gaming screen are easy to run mainstream games, and the square integrated body and four-zone RGB backlit keyboard make the appearance also textured enough.

Forget it, go!

7. Mi Notebook Pro 14 Ryzen Edition 💻

Official website price from ¥4499 → Big promotion price from ¥3999 (stackable coupons)

Long press ⬇️QR code to get exclusive price for fans and buy now

If the performance requirements of graphics cards are not so high and more emphasis is placed on lightness, Xiaomi notebooks must be considered.

1.5kg body, beautiful CNC integrated shell, high screen ratio 2.5K 120Hz screen, DC dimming, 100W charging and fingerprint unlocking power button, especially suitable for taking out for office and study; this does not mean that its performance is weak, With the performance of the R7-5800H, it is rare to see CPU usage over 50%.

It’s pretty much the perfect low-cost option as long as you’re not gaming.

8. Huawei MatePad Pro 11 inches 💻

Official website price ¥3999 → Big promotion price from ¥3559 (stackable coupons)

Long press ⬇️QR code to get exclusive price for fans and buy now

As the official website slogan says, MatePad Pro “is a tablet, but also a computer.” The HarmonyOS 3 it is equipped with has made a lot of optimizations for the tablet, such as cards and apps that can be stacked together like windows on a computer, and Supports WPS with PC version interface layout.

In terms of device linkage, it can remotely control Huawei computers, and can also synchronize mobile phone calls and text messages to the tablet. For users who use Huawei’s ecosystem, the MatePad Pro will be an effective supplement to productivity.

9. Nintendo Switch OLED Japan version 🎮

Low price on the whole network ¥2500 → Subsidy price from ¥2169 (coupons can be stacked)

The famous Switch does not need too much introduction, Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Kirby, Fitness Ring Adventure… The awesome lineup of exclusive games will definitely make you and your family and friends have fun .

And the Switch game lineup is still expanding. No, “Sprague 3” will be released next month.

Recently, the prices of raw materials all over the world have been increasing. The PS5 next door has officially announced the price adjustment. Although the Switch has no price increase plan, it is difficult to further reduce the price. If you want to buy it, buy it now and enjoy it!

10. Guangzhou Restaurant Volcano Mooncake Gift Box🥮

Low price on the whole network ¥187 → 10 billion subsidy price from ¥144.35

Since it is called the Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon cakes as the protagonist are naturally indispensable.

Presumably many people have the need to send moon cakes, but if Meixin moon cakes are a little expensive, the new products of the old Guangzhou restaurant that are close to the market will also be a good choice.

The four flavors of truffle mushroom and abalone juice, sea salt cheese, seaweed cheese, and crab roe sound exquisite and delicious, and the comments are generally full of praise for the taste. It is best to give it to others.

Rejecting the “cold”, tens of billions of subsidies continue to be in full swing

You should have also noticed that Pinduoduo’s tens of billions of subsidies are always so “unusual”. When other platforms are pursuing maximum profits with complex preferential rules, Pinduoduo spends tens of billions of dollars every quarter to cut prices directly; when “cost reduction and efficiency enhancement” become mainstream, tens of billions of subsidies have not disappeared, It is still using big promotions again and again to bring more benefits to users.

At the same time, the quality assurance of goods is not discounted at all. Ten billion subsidies strictly review the products on the shelves, so you can see the label of “this product is 100% genuine, fake one loses ten” on each product page. In addition, there is “quality insurance” to cover the extra costs incurred during the return and exchange process. cost, so that consumers can buy with confidence.

The hot weather is coming to an end, but the tens of billions of subsidies are still in full swing. If you want to buy something recently, remember to take a look first, maybe you will save hundreds of dollars!

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