Beijing: Accelerate the development of securities fund and futures industry


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 Titan Media App reported on August 26 that the Beijing Municipal Leading Group for Financial Services issued the "Beijing Financial Industry Development Plan during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period", which mentioned that it will promote the improvement of innovation capabilities of securities, funds, and futures institutions in Beijing and enrich investment products. Enhance capital market service functions. Support CICC, Galaxy Securities, China Securities and other securities companies in Beijing to be market-oriented, internationalized, and standardized to become a comprehensive and all-round investment bank, and to build a top international securities brokerage institution. Promote Beijing-based fund companies to become better and stronger, and become a leading enterprise in the development of the industry. Vigorously cultivate long-term investment institutions, expand the team of public fund managers, promote the healthy development of the private equity fund industry, and cultivate a number of high-quality private equity funds and venture capital funds. Support futures companies to better leverage their professional advantages and provide enterprises with risk management services.

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