ORA Garden is in full bloom at the Chengdu Auto Show, leading the segmented track with differentiated advantages

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While showing the brand’s new upward and advanced attitude with ORA Garden, ORA Auto also brought brand services and sharing of cutting-edge technologies, and more models such as Lightning Cat and Ballet Cat were unveiled, which attracted strong attention with its leading strength.

People-oriented, differentiated to win the market

In the more than 130 years since the birth of the automobile, the male car-making thinking has dominated the development of the automobile industry, and has built a very powerful action “inertia”.

Since the new positioning of “a car brand that loves women more” in 2021, ORA has taken the lead in entering the women’s car track and has quickly become a pioneer and leader in the market segment.

Coinciding with the important point of the brand’s upward and advanced stage, in the face of major opportunities and many tests, ORA Auto knows that it must adhere to the brand positioning of “more love for women”, adhere to the promise of love, and achieve the leading segment with differentiated services. market goals.

Dong Yudong, CEO of Great Wall Motor's Euler Brand

Dong Yudong, CEO of Great Wall Motor’s Euler Brand

Regarding how the brand can continue to improve, Dong Yudong, CEO of ORA brand, brought a “Open Class of ORA Old Director” with users, and made it clear that: with users as the core, running unswervingly on the differentiated track, Committed to the two-pronged innovation of service and technology, to match the booming “her strength”, to demonstrate the unique “her charm” of contemporary society, and to truly become a veritable “her power” in the automotive industry!

Soft service to create a warmer brand temperature

Without the user, everything goes to zero! Euler’s four-year growth is inseparable from the trust and support of users. To this end, Dong Yudong brought the first lesson – user-oriented, creating differentiated services that strive for excellence, is the key to ORA’s success in the future.

In Euler’s view, the trust and choice of users provide an inexhaustible impetus for the brand to go up. To love women more is to make the details to the extreme and exchange empathy for sincerity.

Since the Ora Ballet Cat was launched, the users of Ora have changed accordingly, and the demand has continued to upgrade. From the data analysis, the female users of ORA account for as high as 80%, and 45% of the households own luxury brand fuel vehicles. They are financially independent, intellectually rational, self-confident and self-disciplined. They are passionate about life and have a sense of responsibility for the society. There are clear requirements for growth and self-realization.

Dong Yudong, CEO of ORA brand, said: “As a pioneer in the women’s car track, we strive to understand users better with a listening attitude. We think about changes with innovation and practice the goal of loving more.”

Taking the user as the center, ORA Auto actively conveys the exclusive feeling of love, fills the sincerity value of love, shows the tolerance of love, and releases the wholeheartedness of love. The service activities with various forms and rich connotations, such as “Ola’s Heart Selection”, “Good Cats Lohas Bureau”, “Ballet Holiday”, “Good Things Research Institute”, etc., blossomed the power of the brand and won more recognition.

At the same time, ORA Auto connects the whole ecological link of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale to create a standardized, digital and humanized service experience. Innovate and build a data-reliable service system, and lead the segmented track in differentiated competition with unique and characteristic services.

Hard-core technology, showing stronger brand strength

The bottom line of users is always safety. For life, safety has no probability, only 0 and 1. Facing the topic of safety, Dong Yudong brought the second lesson – cracking the two major pain points of user battery safety and intelligent driving safety in the new energy era.

(1) Worry-free battery: safety first, no fire and no explosion

The Ministry of Emergency Management of the People’s Republic of China announced the fire data of new energy vehicles in the first quarter of 2022: a total of 640 fires, an increase of 32% over the same period last year, with an average of more than 7 fires per day.

For new energy vehicle brands, battery safety performance represents the brand’s technical heritage and strength. Starting from “user safety first”, ORA has brought a safer power battery pack – “Worry-free Battery”, which adopts honeycomb energy short knife batteries, through innovative system design, strict production process and quality control , extreme test verification and cloud big data monitoring to ensure the safety of the power battery and the vehicle.

The core advantage of “Worry-free Battery” is the adoption of five-fold safety protection system, including structural safety, pressure conduction safety, thermal insulation safety, insulation safety, intelligent safety, etc.

Secondly, the “Worry-free Battery” is produced in an advanced AI smart factory, which achieves the 10,000-level cleanliness standard, demagnetization and foreign object detection, and laser die-cutting technology to achieve high consistency and high reliability of the battery cells.

Good design and good products need results to be verified. “Worry-free battery” not only performed well in basic national standard tests such as acupuncture, external fire, and water immersion, but also in high-temperature short-circuit scenarios of cells, thermal runaway scenarios of the entire battery pack, and the industry’s first simulated vehicle extreme crash rollover test, etc. In the verification of a large number of extreme scenarios, there is no fire or explosion.

ORA Auto adopts the “Bee Cloud Platform”, and manages the battery system of each ORA vehicle around the clock through the big data collaboration of “Car + Cloud”. Escape time, race against time, escort for life.

(2) ORA-PILOT 3.0: Intelligent leading, better driving and safer

In addition to battery safety, frequent intelligent driving accidents have also created doubts and a crisis of trust among users.

In the face of this pain point, ORA-PILOT 3.0 intelligent driving assistance system has been brought by ORA-PILOT, which also takes safety first as the underlying logic. The HWA+NOH high-speed pilot assisted driving experience provides users with a smart car experience that is easy to drive, easy to park, and safer for users’ real car use scenarios.

Taking the perception architecture as an example, the ORA-PILOT 3.0 intelligent driving assistance system is equipped with 28 smart sensors, and adopts a fusion solution of cameras, induction radars, and 5G multi-satellite high-precision maps, which improves the positioning accuracy in complex scenes such as elevated and tunnels. reaction speed.

In high-speed travel, the ORA-PILOT 3.0 intelligent driving assistance system can provide anthropomorphic driving strategies and systematic safety protection by monitoring roads, weather conditions, driver status, and safe operation of software and hardware.

“Worry-free battery” and ORA-PILOT 3.0 intelligent driving assistance system will be carried on the ORA Lightning Cat. Ora Lightning Cat, which is positioned as a “sexy pure electric coupe”, has both hard-core strength and stylish appearance. This time, it will bring a new color of tourmaline gray to the Chengdu Auto Show, officially starting the countdown to the market.

In addition to ORA Lightning Cat, ORA Ballet Cat’s new car colors also appeared at the booth, further enriching users’ choices.

On the whole, ORA is going all out in technological innovation, but never rushing forward. Based on leading technology, focusing on product development, and gradually applying technological achievements to newer and higher-end models, it will be stable over time. Go far.

The ORA booth at the Chengdu Auto Show, “ORA Garden” once again appeared in the circle, bringing themed experience areas such as “Mysterious Flower World”, “Charming Flower Festival”, “Dream Flower Image”, which made people linger and forget to return, with a new fashion tone Help the brand rejuvenate.

In addition, ORA Motors also cooperated with the China Women’s Development Foundation and Fenghuang.com to launch a public welfare plan to help women’s dreams, fully echoing the brand attitude of “every bloom has power”.

Facing the great changes and great opportunities in the new energy vehicle market, ORA Auto adheres to the original intention of “loving women more”, focuses on the two dimensions of service and technology, highlights the new value of service, establishes a new benchmark for strength, and actively promotes brand improvement and product premium. The differentiation strategy takes the lead in the segmented track.

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