Big coffee gathered to talk about the future of intelligent driving, three evaluation results came into being

In order to further promote the steady development of China’s intelligent and connected vehicle industry and strengthen communication between all sectors of society, the “Intelligent Connected Vehicle Evaluation Technology Forum and Intelligent Driving Evaluation Results Released” hosted by China Automotive Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: China Automobile Center) The conference” was held in the cloud on June 16, and this conference is also one of the series of activities of the World Intelligence Conference. At the meeting, China Automobile Center released a number of intelligent driving evaluation results such as the Blue Book of Smart Electric Vehicle Evaluation (2021), the Special Regulations for High-level Assisted Driving Evaluation (Draft for Comments), and the Special System Framework for Automated Driving Evaluation.

An Tiecheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the China Automobile Center, Lu Mei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the China Automobile Center, Wu Zhixin, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of the China Automobile Center, Wang Kun, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the China Consumer Goods Quality and Safety Promotion Association, Public Security Zhou Wenhui, director of the Vehicle Safety Research Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology Research Center, Jing Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shandong Expressway Information Group, and many industry leaders and experts from enterprises and universities attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

An Tiecheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the China Automotive Industry Corporation, delivered a speech

“The automobile industry is going through a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, electrification, intelligence, and networking are accelerating the reconstruction of the century-old automobile industry. Intelligent and connected vehicles have become an important field of international competition, and it is also what the people are eagerly looking forward to. Technical direction.” An Tiecheng said in his opening speech, “Professional intelligent networked vehicle evaluation will provide important reference directions for technological innovation and quality improvement of enterprises, provide consumers with authoritative consumption guides, and provide governments with management technology and quality improvement. Supported by data, this is an important symbol of a mature automobile society, and it is also a vivid embodiment of focusing on the ‘bigger of the country’.”

Big coffee gathered to discuss the development trend of smart cars

Intelligence has become the strategic direction for the development of the automobile industry. In the keynote speech session, Wang Kun, Zhou Wenhui and Rong Hui, deputy director of the Institute of Automotive Standardization of China Automobile Center, respectively, made relevant policies and standards for the intelligent networked automobile industry from the perspective of the government and the industry. explained in detail. The launch of innovative achievements in intelligent driving evaluation will provide a platform for the research and formulation of relevant technical standards, provide a platform for first-in-class testing, effectively implement whole-process management in this field, provide pilot experience and product technology and quality information, and provide product access and quality information. The scientific formulation of the access conditions for production enterprises lays the foundation.

Industry leading expert speeches

With the advancement of intelligent networking technology in the automotive industry, the development of automotive intelligence will be the focus of future automotive innovation and development. At the press conference, Lian Yubo, Executive Vice President of BYD Group and Dean of Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Lu Fang, CEO & CTO of Lantu Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhang Xiaodong, Director and Senior Chief Engineer of Geely Automotive Research Institute Test Center respectively introduced the company’s role in automotive intelligence. strategic planning and layout. In general, intelligent driving products have become the mainstream configuration, and their safety is the most important content in the process of R&D and testing and verification.

Speeches by representatives of automobile companies

“Faced with the upsurge of intelligent driving technology, we must maintain a calm thinking, and further strengthen basic research and breakthroughs in key technologies, so that high-level intelligent driving vehicles can enter the daily life of ordinary people.” At the meeting, Zhu Xichan, a professor at the School of Automotive Engineering of Tongji University and deputy director of the Safety Technology Sub-Committee of the Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers, and Xiong Lu, a professor at the School of Automotive Engineering, Tongji University, shared the latest research results of the current Chinese academic circles on intelligent driving evaluation technology.

Intelligent Networking Expert Speech

Authoritative release, talk about intelligent driving “yesterday, today, tomorrow”

At the meeting, Lu Mei and Wu Zhixin, on behalf of the China Automobile Center, released the “Blue Book of Smart Electric Vehicle Evaluation (2021)” (hereinafter referred to as: Blue Book), “Special Regulations for High-level Assisted Driving Evaluation (Draft for Comment)”, “Autonomous Driving Evaluation Special System Framework” three intelligent driving evaluation results.

Intelligent driving evaluation results released

Based on the evaluation results of the “CCRT (Smart Electric Vehicle) Management Rules (2020 Edition)”, the blue book focuses on the test performance and evaluation results of 10 popular smart electric vehicles evaluated by the China Automobile Center in 2021, objectively and completely showing the current China The development level of smart electric vehicles in the application of new technologies and new models. The “Special Regulations for High-level Assisted Driving Evaluation (Draft for Comment)” is a special evaluation regulation for the two high-level assisted driving functions of pilot driving and memory parking. What is a good L2+ intelligent driving function”. The “Autonomous Driving Evaluation Special System Framework” is a special test evaluation for L3 and above autonomous driving products. At present, the China Automobile Center has established a technical expert committee covering multiple authoritative institutions and enterprise researchers, and is in full swing to carry out the verification of the test and evaluation procedures for the automatic driving function.

After the results of the intelligent driving evaluation were released, leading experts in intelligent networking from companies such as Dongfeng, GAC Aian, Xiaopeng, Nezha, NIO, Huawei, and Baidu sent messages to the high-quality performance test questions focused on intelligent driving design by the China Automobile Center. He affirmed it, and expressed his expectation for the verification and implementation of the follow-up high-level intelligent driving procedures and the further implementation of the automatic driving system framework. He hoped that “China Automobile will continue to play a leading role in technology and continuously empower the upgrade of new technologies and new products in the industry.”

Message from representatives of automobile companies

With the mission of “leading the progress of the automobile industry and helping the construction of a powerful automobile country”, the China Automobile Center focuses on the “bigger of the country” and gathers the strength of the industry. Through this event, a large number of new ideas and new achievements in intelligent driving are released, which will provide technological innovation and innovation for enterprises. Quality improvement provides an important reference direction, provides consumers with authoritative consumption guides, and will also help promote the Chinese auto industry to take the lead in establishing a competitive advantage in the field of intelligent connected vehicles.

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