black cat on chair

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On this wonderful Saturday (hopefully), all we have to show you is – a cat. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to be in the same room with any cat, you’ll understand how perfect this painting is. No cat will pose for a painting. Yet, on a sunny day a century and a half ago, somewhere near Philadelphia, Andrew L. von Wittkamp tried to capture in “Black Cat on a Chair” a cat. Appearing as an oil on canvas, the painting is one of two known to him. He was a doctor and critics considered him a “pretty gifted” amateur. Not much is known about this daring, self-taught artist, but honestly, for me, this painting is a true masterpiece.

Well, let’s be honest… it’s actually because we love cats. And we love all the animals in art! That’s why we’ve created a set of 50 beautiful animal collection postcards created by amazing artists. Come see how gorgeous they are. : )

Side note: You’re definitely an art lover, but if you happen to also (like us) love cats, you’ll love seeing pictures of famous artists and cats. <3

92.07 x 74.61 cm

Museum of Fine Arts

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