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Once, a friend who knew a lot of my dark history told another person about my dark history. In turn, the third person found me and started chatting with me on the topic of this dark history. The other party thought I would deny it, but I not only admitted it, but also wrote this black history into a story and released it, and it immediately lost its original function – ridicule, win over or threaten.

In the simplified Chinese network environment, there is a “game” that fascinates and fascinates everyone – that is, digging out a person’s dark history. The more famous this person is, or the more innocent and pure he is, the more fun it is to dig up their dark history. And most of this black history has a clear direction. First, people determine a “conclusion”, and then use this conclusion to find all the historical content from which this conclusion can be derived.

In fact, I was joking when the WeChat Moments suddenly opened the “content visible within the Moments period”, this must be a social network trend, because it is this kind of anti-digging history prey action that is prevented.

It is a pity that even having such a function is meaningless, because if a person is really to be “sin”, all their words and actions will be recorded on the record, and it is only necessary to look at these at an appropriate time. The user privacy that has passed the time rules should be kept secret and cleaned up, and found a more reasonable way to find out the irresistible “I have read and know its content” full of lies and hypocrisy.

I’ve always been curious about how some celebrities quickly deleted their Weibo because they sent the wrong message or said the wrong thing, but why the screenshots of their deleted Weibo still contribute to this incident. So I have always been curious, whether those bloggers who try to attract fans through traffic have a common professional accomplishment, that is, whenever a celebrity publishes any article on Weibo, changes in the number of followers, and the content of Weibo They will take screenshots and save them as soon as possible, and then analyze and wait until the celebrity is overwhelmed by a certain remark. Even if he deletes the remarks at the first time, this group of people can dig through the records. Look up any comments and content made by this person.

They should have a very accurate and efficient analysis system, which can be said to be a “doubt management system ” in another sense, so that they can always grasp a celebrity’s remarks, interpersonal changes, and even guess that he is the first time. Instead of removing something for some reason, they not only have the original content, but through the event itself they removed that content, a whole story and speculation can be derived – and then a collective orgasm on the web.

I knew a friend before. He is a standard “behavior analysis expert”. He will build a very complete information change management system for others, which can also be called a “doubt management system”, but he does not manage other people’s doubts, but In this way, he understands and caters to others. When other people’s actions change, or some subtle changes in speech, he can infer the emotional changes of this person at the first time. But this system is always prone to misjudgment. The reason for misjudgment is because he always overinterprets the reasons behind some subtle changes, so that he will think that the plot is developing according to the direction he set. Over time, he will feel very tired and always feel that he has given so much, but the other party does not appreciate it, or does not realize that he has paid so much for their relationship.

I tried to help him analyze the reasons, and outsiders could see that he was just afraid of being hurt, so he predicted in advance the possibilities that might cause the other party to cause harm to him. He will say sorry first, because after taking all the responsibility to himself, the other party will not be able to continue to blame. But after getting along with him later, I found that he didn’t say sorry first because he was afraid of being hurt, or that he was a natural emotional masochist. He not only absorbed other people’s negative emotions, but also created all kinds of different things for himself. Such negative emotions, so that I get caught in the whirlpool of these negative emotions.

I asked him why he was always afraid that others would criticize him, and he answered truthfully because he was afraid that he would leave behind a “black history” – such a black history means that it will be a kind of original capital for moral kidnapping. Especially when others start to turn over old accounts, these “dark histories” can be used to confront and attack each other – but I think it’s not that he is afraid that others will do this, but that he has always used this It’s a way to protect yourself while hurting others.

However, he should learn from me and tell all the dark history that he is afraid of being known by others. Maybe it itself will lose the qualification to be laughed at, wooed or blackmailed.

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