Record the loss-making process of buying a speaker

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Some time ago, I wanted to buy a speaker, so I researched the brand of the speaker, and found that Marshall’s speaker looks very good, so I went to the group to consult everyone’s opinions. Someone recommended Klipsch speakers and said that he originally had five Marshall speakers, but they were all replaced by Klipsch, so I went to the mall to try it out, and I happened to have these two speakers for comparison, and found Klipsch speakers. The sound quality is more suitable for me. After returning home, I kept thinking about it and learned about the history of Klipsch speakers on the Internet, and then went to buy Klipsch the three 3 from Klipsch Audio.

After thinking about it, I finally got the audio, and I couldn’t wait to unpack it. On the first day of use, it seems that there is no problem with the speakers as a whole, but occasionally I feel that some high-pitched parts that I used to hear very clearly with headphones are now very quiet. But I have never used Klipsch speakers before, and I thought that the default tuning of this speaker is like this, so I didn’t take it too seriously.

Get cash back by applying for a refund

Then I remember that the details page said that there is a cash back of 100 yuan for posting orders. After I posted the order, I asked the customer service for cash back. At this time, the key point came. The customer service asked me to go to the order and click to apply for a refund. I still trust the Jess brand, so I stupidly clicked the refund, and then received a refund of 100 yuan. Also delicious.

problem found

On the third day, I accidentally turned the volume knob on the speaker to increase the volume. Because in the dormitory, I never dared to turn on the volume too high, which would affect the neighbors. And when I turned the volume up this time, I found that the treble suddenly became clear and bright. After repeated comparisons, it was found that when the volume of the speaker is between one and eight, the sound is muggy and dull, with only the bass. When it is tuned to the ninth grid or above, the tweeter suddenly becomes a lot richer, and the treble becomes clear all of a sudden.

Jess Speaker Tmall merchant customer service fooled me

I realized it was a quality control issue, so I went to Taobao’s customer service for help. I took a video and recorded the audio and sent it to the customer service, but the customer service said they couldn’t hear anything wrong there, and I was very puzzled. Then I sent the video to the group of friends, and also to my friends. They all thought that there was indeed a problem with the speaker this time, which also proved that through this video, it was possible to hear that the speaker was faulty. But no matter how I communicate with the customer service, the customer service firmly refuses to admit the problem of the speaker.

The customer service said to find the courier for the speaker, pay the freight, and send it to their warehouse for testing. If there is a problem, please replace it with a new one. I’m thinking, since even the customer service doesn’t admit that there is a problem with this speaker, then I will send it to their warehouse in three or four days, then their warehouse will also say that the speaker is fine, and then use the speaker again. Send it back to me in three or four days.

I asked the customer service if there are any offline stores in Shenzhen. If there is, I will take the speakers to the store. If I check in person, it will be more clear, so that I can help me solve the problem. The answer from the customer service is that they don’t know much about offline stores. I feel very speechless, what do you use customer service for?

In order to confirm that my speaker is faulty, I made some efforts

I want to know if the problem with my speaker is a common problem with the third generation, or if my speaker is an exception. So I went to Shenzhen to find the only Klipsch speaker experience store, and found that they only sold home theater systems, not Bluetooth speakers. I wanted to compare other klipsch the three 3. Such a problem, but helpless, can not be compared.

Then I asked the staff if the volume would cause the tweeter to suddenly drop or not work, and the staff said there would be no such problem. I went to the mall and found a klipsch the three 2, the second generation of the speaker, and tried it on the spot, and found that there was no problem with my third generation. I also showed the video to the staff, and they all said that they could clearly hear that the treble part was suddenly and significantly reduced when the volume was reduced by only one block.

In order to let the customer service know that there is a real problem with my speaker, I posted the video to station B, so that the compression of the video will have less impact on the audio, and the customer service will sound clearer. And when I sent the link to the customer service, the customer service said that the link could not be opened. A link that anyone can open, but the customer service says it cannot be opened. I said that since your computer can’t be turned on, you can try it on your mobile phone, and then the customer service said it doesn’t support it. I’m very angry that an adult in the 21st century, a customer service worker in the Internet industry, can’t figure out how to solve such a simple problem. This is obviously trying to fool me on purpose.

Because I have applied for a refund, I do not have the right to return or exchange the goods for seven days without any reason.

I had no success in defending my rights with the merchant’s customer service, so I went to Tmall’s customer service to defend my rights. The answer I got was that I had already refunded the money once in the order, so there was no after-sales entrance, which means I don’t have any more. Seven days no reason to return the right. This reminded me of the first day I received the goods, the customer service told me to use the after-sales service by applying for a refund of the order to get a rebate. I have to say that this approach of the merchant is really disgusting. At the time, I didn’t realize that a big brand like Klipsch would do these acts that are harmful to consumers’ rights.

Tmall customer service can’t help me either

I don’t give up and continue to seek Tmall customer service for rights protection. One of these times, the customer service successfully helped me to say that the after-sales entrance has been opened for me, and the validity period is seven days. I am very grateful. So I went to the order to find the after-sales entrance and found that I couldn’t find it. Then I went to Tmall customer service again, because the previous chat interface has been closed, and the connected human customer service is another. The customer service said that you have already refunded once and can no longer open the after-sales entrance. I am very puzzled, why the last customer service said that it has been opened for me, but I can’t find the entrance. And the customer service did not answer directly, but continued to repeat the machine, saying that you have used the after-sales service once, and there is no right to the second after-sales service. Then I disconnected the link again and found a new Tmall customer service, all of which answered like this. Tmall customer service said that they will communicate with the merchant to see if they can return or exchange the goods for me. And what I can easily guess is that the merchant will definitely not accept returns.

Ask the customer service, whether it is conscientious to let consumers close the after-sales entrance by applying for a refund by posting orders and returning cash

I went to the customer service of the merchant to make a theory. I said that you are really good. A big brand audio merchant will actually lure consumers into doing things that are harmful to consumers’ rights and interests. I asked them why you asked me to give me cash back by applying for a refund at that time, please explain to me. The customer service did not have a direct answer.

If I say cash back, you can use the red envelope function in the chat window. The customer service said it doesn’t have this feature. I’m on fire. I also received red envelopes from other sellers yesterday. Why are they gone to you? The customer service was very vague and said that he did not know.

At this time, it is already obvious. Even an adult can understand that in order to reduce the after-sales service, they guide consumers to use their own after-sales service through rebates. For a big-brand Tmall merchant, this kind of food is really ugly. And in the face of my questions, the customer service did not have a positive answer. This is where the problem lies. The customer service will not sincerely reason with you, and there is nothing you can do about him.

No way but to try to send it back

To be on the safe side, I sent the B station where the video was posted to Xiaohongshu, and I can use this as evidence at that time. And the comments all say that this sounds like a problem, but the customer service side does not admit that there is a problem.

I also printed out the problem of the speakers on an A4 paper, so that the staff who inspected the machine over there could understand it more clearly. A QR code of the video of station b is also attached below the text. You can scan the video with WeChat to see the video, and you can understand the problem of this speaker more intuitively.

Then I packaged up the speaker and sent it to express, and charged me 48 yuan for shipping. I can guess that there is a high probability that they will test and say that there is no problem, and then return the machine to me.

I’m already mentally prepared, if I go to waste with them, it’s my individual who will be tired. If they think that the machine is fine and they really return it, then I can only use it myself, and give it away when the fourth generation comes out.

If this machine is good, I may use it for a long time, because people will have emotions for an item after using it for a long time. And I also believe that a good speaker, the one I like, will have its own flavor the longer it is used. But a speaker with a problem always feels like it is stuck in the throat when using it, which is not very comfortable.

at last

It has to be said that the psychological quality of merchants’ customer service is still relatively strong. In the face of consumers’ questions, they can also reply casually. It’s just that there is no positive reply to you, all of them avoid your questioning and say some irrelevant things. It can be said that it is a skill that must be learned in customer service. It’s not sincere at all, and you can’t do anything about him.

And like this method of posting bills and cashing back, induce you to apply for a refund to end the entrance of after-sales service, this approach is really disgusting. And it’s still one, made by a big brand businessman, it’s really ugly to eat. Like this phenomenon, as an ordinary consumer without public influence, I really can’t do anything about it. I can only blame myself for not being careful when I applied for a refund in the first place. Even if you go to 12315 to defend your rights, I am afraid it will be lost in the sea.

I bought a lesson and paid the tuition fee. I think too much about this kind of thing. The only person who worries about it is myself. Today, I will say everything I want to say. It will be more meaningful to go in to make money. Anyway, I would like to remind you that when you receive the goods, don’t click to confirm the receipt so quickly, and don’t listen to the customer service to tell you that the order will be refunded, and then transfer it to you through the method of applying for a refund in the order.

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