BladeX Enterprise Microservice Architecture Development Framework

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Well-designed micro-service architecture, providing a full set of Spring Cloud solutions The micro-service architecture that perfectly integrates Spring Cloud Alibaba series components is based on the upgrade and optimization of commercial projects with stable production, and is closer to the needs of the enterprise level Pursuing more efficient enterprise development, more convenient deployment, and production more stable

functional module

Customized for general business scenarios of enterprises to meet most core needs

  1. The unique multi-tenant architecture conforms to the multi-tenant architecture of Chinese-style requirements, and supports flexible combinations of multiple modes such as multi-tenant-one database, one-tenant-one database, and multi-tenant multi-database.
  2. The perfect authority management system provides three configurations of menu button authority, data authority and interface authority. The combination configuration method based on annotation + Web is flexible and changeable and takes effect immediately.
  3. The collaborative office workflow deeply customizes the Flowable workflow that satisfies the SpringCloud distributed scenario, escorts the complex process, and provides the SpringBoot integrated version.
  4. The online report designer is based on a pure Java high-performance report engine built on top of Spring, and can realize arbitrarily complex Chinese-style reports by iterating cells.
  5. Mainstream databases are compatible with a set of codes that are fully compatible with Mysql, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SqlServer, and Dameng mainstream databases, providing strong support for projects in various scenarios.
  6. The all-round code generator supports custom models, templates, business modeling, multiple template engines, and online configuration. Greatly improve development efficiency, no longer worry about duplication of work.

Architecture diagram

Engineering structure

 SpringBlade ├── blade-auth -- 授权服务提供├── blade-common -- 常用工具封装包├── blade-gateway -- Spring Cloud 网关├── blade-ops -- 运维中心├ ├── blade-admin -- spring-cloud后台管理├ ├── blade-develop -- 代码生成├ ├── blade-resource -- 资源管理├ ├── blade-seata-order -- seata分布式事务demo ├ ├── blade-seata-storage -- seata分布式事务demo ├── blade-service -- 业务模块├ ├── blade-desk -- 工作台模块├ ├── blade-log -- 日志模块├ ├── blade-system -- 系统模块├ └── blade-user -- 用户模块├── blade-service-api -- 业务模块api封装├ ├── blade-desk-api -- 工作台api ├ ├── blade-dict-api -- 字典api ├ ├── blade-system-api -- 系统api └── └── blade-user-api -- 用户api
 Blade-Tool ├── blade-core-boot -- 业务包综合模块├── blade-core-cloud -- cloud封装模块├── blade-core-datascope -- 数据权限封装模块├── blade-core-develop -- 代码生成封装模块├── blade-core-launch -- 基础启动模块├── blade-core-loadbalancer -- 灰度服务封装模块├── blade-core-log -- 日志封装模块├── blade-core-mybatis -- mybatis拓展封装模块├── blade-core-oss -- 对象存储封装模块├── blade-core-report -- 报表封装模块├── blade-core-secure -- 安全封装模块├── blade-core-social -- 第三方登录封装模块├── blade-core-swagger -- swagger拓展封装模块├── blade-core-test -- 单元测试封装模块├── blade-core-tool -- 单元测试封装模块└── blade-core-transaction -- 分布式事物封装模块


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