China Evergrande disclosed the progress of overseas debt restructuring, and it is expected that the group’s due diligence work will be basically completed in the near future

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 Titanium Media App reported on July 29 that China Evergrande announced that the group has been in constructive communication with a number of creditors and relevant advisers who hold the US dollar senior notes issued by the company and its overseas subsidiary Scenery Journey Limited (SceneryJourneyLimited). , to promote the formulation of overseas debt restructuring plans. In addition, the Group cooperates closely with creditors and relevant consultants and communicates regularly, and is carrying out necessary and orderly due diligence work on the core business of the Group, and is exploring potential and feasible overseas debt restructuring plans. The information from due diligence will be used to formulate overseas debt restructuring plans. important basis. Given the size and complexity of the Group and the current state of the industry in which the Group operates, the due diligence work is still in progress. The Group and its advisers encourage overseas creditors to actively engage with the Group's financial advisers, and will continue to closely coordinate with the creditors and their advisers who have already contacted, and formulate overseas debt restructuring plans as soon as possible in accordance with the principles set out in this announcement. It is expected that the due diligence work of the Group will be basically completed in the near future. At that time, the Group will communicate with the relevant creditors and their advisors about the framework and suggestions of the overseas debt restructuring plan, and hopes to announce the specific restructuring plan as soon as possible in 2022 and make positive progress.

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