Blizzard’s national server will officially stop on January 24, and Netease will announce the refund arrangement

On January 23, NetEase released the “NetEase Farewell Letter to Blizzard National Server Players: Thank You for 14 Years” announcement, officially announcing that Blizzard games will be discontinued. At 0:00 on January 24, 2023, “World of Warcraft”, “Hearthstone”, “Watching Pioneer”, “Diablo III”, “Warcraft III: Remastered Edition”, “Heroes of the Storm” and “StarCraft” represented by NetEase series of products, all operations in the Chinese mainland market will be officially terminated. Blizzard will close the login and all game servers, and close the client download at the same time. | Related reading (Shanghai Securities News)

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The farewell letter from NetEase means that the breakup between Blizzard and NetEase has been settled. It is really embarrassing that the close cooperation between the two parties for 14 years has come to an end today.

Although old players are full of emotion, Blizzard launched the game progress archive function of “World of Warcraft”, which is what everyone calls “electronic urn”, but it is undeniable that domestic players have followed these games for more than ten years.

Under the impact of the new market environment and new games, its profitability and attractiveness are not as good as before, otherwise Netease would not have made up its mind to break up with Blizzard completely, and the two parties have broken up for so long, and there is no word about the same game Festival and Tencent came out to take over the cooperation with Blizzard, which may be the core point to understand the contradiction between Blizzard and NetEase.

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