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The last blog update was in October 2021, and the commenting system was changed.

This time, I mainly repaired the two pages of reading and movies . I have been using the Douban API of Master Mufeng before. This time I directly changed the wheels of Github Action, which has a lot of rich functions, and also automatically pulls out a CSV, which can be regarded as a Douban made a backup.

In addition, there has been no email reply notification for comments. After a long time, it turned out to be related to the domain name mailbox. Fortunately, after fiddling around, it was repaired.

At present, my blog, after my two-knife-level magic modification, feels that it has no rules, and it is very random, and I don’t know how to optimize it. It’s like an old cow who doesn’t eat much and doesn’t walk fast Yes, but not yet.

I recently applied for a domain name, but I regretted it. I spent 8 dollars on Namesilo for a year. I didn’t expect Tencent to buy it for 180 RMB for 10 years… Now I feel very heartbroken, and I plan to transfer to Tencent Cloud later. I have already thought about what to do with the new domain name, but I haven’t started it yet, so let’s sell it first.


Recently, I made two small updates to the blog. One was to replace the comment system, and I directly asked Brother Mumu’s code to come and modify it. However, the data migration has not been done yet. Now, with the baby every night, it is almost impossible to turn on the computer. The other one is that the newsletter is hidden, and it can be accessed in the sidebar now, but it can’t be seen on the home page. It’s not that it’s not important enough, but I think it’s a bit overwhelming. The focus of the blog should not be such an expression of externalization. Most of the time, I still hope that this place is a bit of a back garden. The friends who know it and can enter the door should be some old friends.

Seriously, it doesn’t need too many people here, in my own imagination, there are 15-20 people, and it would be good to be a regular guest. Now chatting online is smoky, and it is difficult to have a clean place. Most of the time, the real chat is offline. If there is a serious place on the Internet, I can only trust my own blog. Whenever I write here, what I post here, it must be the most sincere and most wanted to share with my friends.

I have been thinking about how to create a short Weibo form, which can be more conveniently displayed on the blog. The articles that I don’t want to do are very long, as if I want to say a lot of things. In fact, a few simple sentences are enough to express completely. OK. Before, a set of WordPress themes by Brother Jingang reached my aesthetic peak, but I really don’t want to get a subdomain on the left and a subdomain on the right. I don’t have the energy, and I don’t think it’s necessary. There was too much divergence in the past, but now it can be converged a little bit, and it can be done in one place, and I don’t want to go to another place to set up camp.

For the time being, there is no good way to do it. We can only take a look at it slowly. If there is a suitable means, we can integrate it into the blog. It is also very convenient to publish blogs now. I always write on fixed software. If I use a Mac, I can write on Ulysses. Templates are very convenient, and Github has its own online version of VS Code, which can be done with a browser. I feel that now I am getting closer and closer to a “browser OS”.

Almost a computer, a browser, can do everything. Of course, there is another technology behind this that people are particularly easy to ignore, but I judge that there is a technology that has the hope of changing the way society operates, that is, cloud computing. I think the various new technologies touted now may actually ignore the importance of cloud computing in the future. So, stay bullish on Amazon.

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