Boao Forum for Asia: The rise of new formats such as digital economy broadens the boundaries of service trade

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 Titanium Media App reported on April 20 that the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2022 will be held in Boao, Hainan from April 20 to 22. Today, the Boao Forum for Asia released the report "Sustainable Development in Asia and the World - Green Transformation in Asia in Action", which analyzes and makes policy recommendations on the carbon neutrality commitments of Asian countries, their green governance structures, and the drivers of green transformation.  The three drivers of green transition are green financing, green technology, and the actions of Asian companies to address climate issues. Among them, the report mentioned that the realization of carbon neutrality relies heavily on technological breakthroughs in energy efficiency and clean energy utilization. Looking ahead, green technology innovations in fields such as solar photovoltaics, wind energy, green hydrogen, biofuels, energy-efficient building technologies and electric vehicles will strongly promote the energy transition.  The report data shows that net zero emissions have become a widely accepted goal globally. Net-zero emissions targets now cover 88% of global greenhouse gas emissions, 90% of the economy and 85% of the population, according to NetZero Tracker. By the end of 2021, 25 of the 47 Asian countries have made carbon neutrality commitments. Among Asia's seven largest economies, Japan and South Korea have set timeframes for carbon neutrality by 2050, Turkey by 2053, China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia by 2060, and India by 2070.

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