Red Devils released a mysterious poster: will launch a new joint product of “Transformers” on the 25th

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Today, Red Devils officially released a mysterious poster with the text “It’s time for the world to know of our presence.” (It’s time for the world to know our presence)

From the iconic mechanical eyes on the poster and the classic lines of Megatron in this film, it is not difficult to see that the Red Devils are about to co-brand with “Transformers” and launch new products.

It is worth noting that this poster, which does not seem to have much information, actually hides the release date of this joint product.

Below the poster, there are two lines of Cybertron text from “Transformers”, the first line is translated as “4 25”, and the second line is “cybertron” (Cybertron).

Among them, Cybertron, the parent star of Transformers, corroborates the speculation of a joint name with “Transformers”, and if “4.25” is no accident, it should mean that the joint product will meet us on April 25.

At present, the Red Devils official has not announced which products will be launched in this joint venture, but in light of what the official said in the fourth anniversary video yesterday, “cooperating with the world’s top IPs to bring players products with hard core aesthetics and extreme performance”, Should not disappoint.

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