Borrowing 2 square meters from nature, Geely’s new energy vehicle brand RADAR debuts

Life can be very diverse, with urban business circles on the one hand, mountains, rivers, lakes and seas on the other; workplace business on the one hand, and outdoor travel on the other. The distance between you and the distance is a “multiple space”.

On June 17th, “Mysterious Space” landed in the Mixc City, Chengdu. The theme event “Borrowing 2 square meters from nature” jointly launched by the mid-to-high-end new energy vehicle brand RADAR and the Chinese version of the American “National Geographic” opened up “time” for the experiencers. Door”, interpreting the infinite imagination of diverse outdoor life.

Crossing the space barrier in one minute, RADAR builds a “space-time tunnel”

When the modern business district meets the beautiful outdoor scenery, it presents a personal experience of traveling through time and space. In the Chengdu Mixc Plaza, the huge space installation created by the RADAR brand is very eye-catching. The naked-eye 3D large screen on the outer wall plays a dynamic three-dimensional image of the four seasons, attracting passers-by to stop and admire, take photos and share pictures; the internal glaciers, canyons, oceans, aurora four The natural landscapes appear alternately, bringing a multi-sensory experience that travels through time and space. The experiencer travels from the city to the “outdoor”, unlocking the beautiful scenery of the four seasons and Vientiane nature in situ.


At the event, as a partner of the RADAR brand, Naturehike, a leading domestic outdoor equipment brand, also participated in the event, bringing an immersive outdoor life experience to the audience.

Why launch the theme activity of “borrowing 2 square meters from nature”? People living in cities need a close contact with nature. The RADAR brand hopes that everyone who works hard in the city can put down their fatigue in time and enjoy the beauty of nature. Breaking the boundaries of outdoor life with cutting-edge technology, RADAR closely connects prosperous urban life with exquisite outdoor experience, bringing users a new experience of convenience and comfort.


User-oriented, RADAR creates a new and diverse outdoor lifestyle

Outdoor living is becoming a fashion. 2022 is the first year of camping, and activities such as short-distance, light luxury, and outdoor activities will continue to be hot. According to the analysis of iiMedia Research Consulting Camping Report, it is expected that the core market size of China’s camping economy will increase to 248.32 billion yuan in 2025, driving the market size to 1440.28 billion yuan. At the same time, according to Xiaohongshu statistics, the number of camping-related notes in 2021 will increase by more than 5 times year-on-year. The demand for camping and outdoor living is growing rapidly, and people’s enthusiasm for the pursuit of nature is growing. The concept of life, consumption ecology and travel mode are undergoing changes, and users need a car that can better meet the needs of camping.

As a leading enterprise in China’s auto industry, Geely Holding Group combines rich experience in car manufacturing and forward-looking development concepts to launch the RADAR brand in a timely manner. Riding on the east wind of new energy development, RADAR brand explores more possibilities for new energy vehicles around the travel needs of users. Its birth is the innovation of travel tools, and it is also a new interpretation of outdoor diversified life. Taking the opportunity of “borrowing 2 square meters from nature”, the RADAR brand will uphold people’s good yearning for outdoor life, seize new opportunities on new tracks, and create a new and diverse outdoor lifestyle with users.

Looking at the domestic auto market, new energy, personalization, and diversification are the development trends, and new energy vehicles, intelligent ecology, and exclusive circles have become the norm. Against the background of the year-by-year increase in the penetration rate of new energy vehicles and the surge in demand for outdoor recreational vehicles, the RADAR brand launched by Geely Group based on user needs will focus on the new energy vehicle market, lay out diversified market segments, and develop products in various forms. Focus on outdoor diverse life scenes. The RADAR brand launch date is tentatively set for July, and the first new car is planned to be released during the year. In 2022, RADAR starts a new journey!

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