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Networking, digitization, and live broadcasting, how can online recruitment platforms “evolve”?

Looking at the history of the Internet recruitment industry, recruitment websites such as 51job and Zhaopin Recruitment in the PC era moved recruitment information from offline to online; recruitment platforms such as BOSS Direct Employment and Lagou in the mobile Internet era make good use of big data technology to improve the accuracy of matching; In the era of live broadcast, Kuaidai has changed the traditional way of recruitment and improved the efficiency of recruitment with a more intuitive form of live broadcast…

In different eras, various recruitment platforms serve the public in different recruitment methods, and they have successively established competitive moats. However, the Internet market of these platforms has been ups and downs, and none of them can dominate the market for a long time, and the market structure is unstable for newcomers in the industry. opportunity.

In addition, as the post-00s graduate successfully and become mainstream job-seekers, their unique outlook on job-seeking also affects the online recruitment market, new demands and old problems need to be solved, and new platforms take this opportunity to “raise their heads”. Recently, the new generation of online recruitment platform “Spotlight Workplace” has obtained tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing, breaking into the online recruitment market with a new attitude.

C-end job seekers and B-end business owners have put forward new demands on online recruitment platforms, and the old, medium and new generation platforms in the online recruitment market are each “challenging” with their abilities.

BOSS direct hire makes good use of digital technology

In the era of mobile Internet, BOSS Zhipin is a “wind and cloud” enterprise in the online recruitment industry. Because BOSS Zhipin combines the honor of technological innovation, user scale advantage, market controversy, and polarized market reputation, BOSS Zhipin has been in the public opinion for a long time. in the wind.

First of all, technological innovation is the foundation of BOSS’s direct recruitment . It took the lead in adopting the “mobile + intelligent matching + direct chat” strategy to solve the problems of recruitment efficiency and matching accuracy that the previous generation of online recruitment platforms were troubled by.

The traditional online recruitment platform has a large number of user resumes, but the user experience is poor and the efficiency is low. First, traditional online recruitment platforms lack the ability to quantify data, resulting in information asymmetry between companies and applicants; second, traditional online recruitment platforms are constantly flooded with false job-hunting information and false recruitment information, and information credibility is low; third, users Intelligence obtains information through search, and the job search efficiency is low.

Different from the search logic of traditional online recruitment platforms, BOSS Direct Employment adopts a big data precise matching strategy, and creates an intelligent matching mechanism based on artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, which effectively improves the efficiency of online recruitment.

On the one hand, BOSS direct employment accumulates resume keywords and user search records, and then selects matching positions through algorithms. The technology breaks the “information cocoon room” and improves the matching success rate; on the other hand, BOSS direct employment advocates “Looking for a job, I want to talk to the boss”, the way job seekers communicate with the company directly online, improving the efficiency of preliminary screening by both parties.

Secondly, the more social and diversified gameplay of BOSS direct recruitment is very popular among Gen Z users, and its user activity is ahead of other online recruitment platforms.

The financial report for the first quarter of 2022 shows that BOSS Zhipin achieved revenue of 1.138 billion yuan in the first quarter (during the suspension of new user registration), a year-on-year increase of 44.3%. The average and peak daily active users exceeded that of the same period last year, and the average monthly active users were 25.2 million. , maintained continuous growth, and paid 4.5 million enterprises.

However, with the acceleration of the commercialization of BOSS direct employment , its information management loopholes have become more prominent, and operational risks have increased significantly. Last year, the Cyber ​​Security Review Office conducted a network security review of BOSS direct employment , and it had to suspend the registration of new users. Forewarning, BOSS direct employment still needs to work hard in safety management in the future.

The recruitment industry is transforming into digitalization and intelligence. In the future, AI, big data and other technologies will be more and more widely used. BOSS direct recruits who seize this opportunity will have more room for development, but they need to do a good job of internal and external The work of repairing, resisting competitors, improving its own management system, repairing the reputation of the platform, and achieving sustainable development.

Quick recruitment “face to face” direct chat

Live recruitment is an online recruitment method that has emerged in the past two years. It was born in a short time but developed rapidly. Over time, live recruiting has been recognized by more job seekers and companies due to its advantages of high interactivity, “face-to-face”, no location restrictions, and high convenience.

Online recruitment platforms such as BOSS Direct Employment ,, and Liepin have carried out many live-streaming recruitment activities, and live-streaming recruitment has gradually become one of the mainstream recruitment methods. Taking BOSS live broadcast data as an example, in 2021, 1,218 small and medium-sized enterprises with less than 500 employees will start nearly 2,000 recruitment live broadcasts on Boss Zhipin.

In January, Kuaishou’s low-key online recruitment platform “Quick Recruitment”, which focuses on live recruitment, pushed itself into the competition arena of comprehensive online recruitment platforms such as BOSS Direct Jobs, 51job, and Liepin, which also accelerated the improvement of the live broadcast recruitment ecosystem.

It is understood that enterprises or labor intermediaries can start live recruitment activities by registering an authentication account on Kuaishou. Job seekers only need to leave their contact information to complete job postings and obtain more recruitment information from the live broadcast room. Industrial and mining workers, agricultural workers, construction workers, dock workers, sales and other blue-collar people

There are two key points in the “introduction” of the live recruitment platform Kuaizhaogong, one is to simplify the recruitment process, and the other is to focus on the blue-collar market.

The conventional recruitment process is that users make resumes, search for relevant positions, submit resumes, screen resumes, communicate with both parties, and reach offline interview willingness. However, the recruitment process innovated by Quick Recruitment allows users to enter the live broadcast room and leave their contact information without creating resumes. Yes, the process is indeed simpler.

Quick Recruitment simplifies the recruitment process, which has the effect of optimizing the recruitment experience, and also reflects the advantages of live broadcast recruitment with wide coverage, strong interaction, and high precision. For job seekers, Quick Recruitment eliminates the resume delivery link, which reduces job search time and costs; for companies, live recruiting has the effect of one-to-many message dissemination, and the coverage of corporate recruitment information is wider.

Kuaizhaogong focused on the blue-collar market, played a card of “differentiated target group”, and achieved remarkable results.

On the one hand, blue-collar workers are recruited in large numbers and in high demand, and they are familiar with entertainment methods such as short videos and live broadcasts, and are “regulars” on live broadcast platforms. According to data from consulting agency CIC, in 2020, China has 395 million blue-collar workers, 179 million white-collar workers, and 12.4 million gold-collar workers. On average, white-collar workers only change jobs once every 24 months, while blue-collar workers actively seek jobs 4-5 times a year.

On the other hand, mainstream Internet recruitment companies mainly focus on white-collar and golden-collar recruitment, and the penetration rate of the blue-collar online recruitment market is much lower than that of the white-collar market. According to online data, the penetration rate of blue-collar online recruitment is only 13%, far lower than 51% of white-collar workers and 31% of gold-collar workers. Taking BOSS Direct Employment as an example, as of March 2021, BOSS Direct Employment has served a total of 85.8 million certified job seekers, and the three major talent pools of white-collar golden-collar, blue-collar and college students account for 55.0%, 28.8%, and 16.2%, respectively.

In the past six months, the user scale and user activity of Kuaigong have achieved rapid growth, and the number of users has been catching up with the comprehensive online recruitment platform. According to official data, in the first quarter of 2022, the number of monthly active users in the Kuaishou live recruitment platform “Kuijiagong” has exceeded 100 million, and the number of resumes received in a single day during the Spring Festival is as high as 150,000.

Judging by all the signs, the live recruitment platform Kuaizhaogong is expected to use its “vertical” recruitment model and target group to grab the market share of old players. At the same time, there are also more “newcomers” who have just entered the online recruitment market. , the competitive pressure of online recruitment platforms is not small.

Stealing the spotlight in the workplace with innovative recruitment models

The online recruitment market is surrounded by strong enemies such as BOSS Direct Hiring, Future Quest, Liepin, and Quick Recruitment. The only way for newcomers to steal the spotlight in the workplace is to differentiate themselves.

According to reports, Spotlight Workplace is a recruitment service platform, which mainly provides candidates with a more comprehensive and more three-dimensional display of workplace highlights, activates a strong relationship network, manages careers in an all-round way, and provides employers with free job postings, asynchronous interviews, high-efficiency Screening, Employer Display, etc.

In general, the scene-stealing workplace is determined to break the traditional practice of “C-side sea investment + B-side sea selection” through the model of “double-end rich media information homepage + structured interview question bank + asynchronous video interview tool”.

On the C-side, Spotlight Workplace provides more diversified job-seeking services, attracts job-seekers with new ideas and creativity, and opens up a new path for online job-seeking. Different from traditional online recruitment platforms, users in the workplace can create a three-dimensional personal homepage to show enterprises their diverse capabilities in an all-round way. At the same time, users can manage workplace contacts and inquire about workplace dynamics, a new way of “multi-function + social attributes”. Improved user experience.

On the B side, the spotlight workplace helps companies optimize job descriptions, build corporate image, and use digital capabilities to improve corporate information exposure and information screening efficiency. It is understood that the scene-stealing workplace integrates data-based and intelligent capability models into the platform, and uses structured question banks and asynchronous video interview tools to help companies quickly find talents, eliminating the traditional company’s “sea selection resume” gameplay. It also reduces the cost of recruiting companies.

To put it simply, the scene-stealing workplace can display B and C-side information in a diversified, multi-level, and multi-directional manner, and use digital technology to screen and match, so as to improve the efficiency and validity of dual-end ability matching. According to the official disclosure of the stealing workplace, such a model can save up to 70% of the time cost of the entire link, shorten the recruitment cycle by an average of 7 days, and expand the candidate funnel by 5-10 times.

At present, the new model of stealing the workplace has successfully landed in many industries such as the Internet, technology, new consumption, new energy, and cross-border, confirming the feasibility of this model. It’s just that the long-term value of the new model needs time to verify, and users need to try to develop user habits, and this process is full of challenges.

In a word, the scene-stealing workplace has improved the service level through model innovation, improved the efficiency of online recruitment, and increased the value of the platform. However, there are many experts in the recruitment market, and comprehensive online recruitment platforms such as Boss Zhipin, Zhilian, and Qiancheng Wuyou have occupied the leading position. It is not just a matter of gaining a leading market share in the recruitment market through differentiated positioning. an easy task.

Gaming, Efficiency and Growth

Although the online recruitment market already has mature companies such as BOSS Direct Hire , 55Wizard, and Liepin, there will still be some new opportunities for entrepreneurship in the process of digitalization and intelligent upgrade.

Under this trend, more and more new players are entering the game, and they all intend to occupy a larger market share through differentiated routes, so as to be equal to the old players. There are also many old players who “seek change”. They are all trying to improve the overall operation efficiency through digital and intelligent means, dig deep into the potential increment of the online recruitment market, and continue to strengthen their own strength.

So how to get growth? We can take a peek at the game between new, medium and old online recruitment platforms.

On the one hand, the new technology of direct recruitment by BOSS , the new method of quick recruitment, and the new model of stealing the workplace are essentially to gain growth through “efficiency-driven” and enhance their own competitiveness. At the beginning of the development of the industry, the recruitment market was in an incremental stage, and the release of demographic dividends was the source of growth for online recruitment platforms, and improving efficiency after entering the stock stage became the key to new growth for companies.

On the other hand, the proportion of post-00 job seekers is increasing. Online recruitment platforms pursue efficiency upgrades in order to meet the personalized needs of post-00 users, which will inevitably lead to an upgrade in industry efficiency, and changes in the industry will inevitably lead to new blue ocean markets. At that time, the online recruitment platform will also usher in a new round of market dividends.

Before the arrival of a new round of market dividends after networking, digitization, and live broadcasting, the vast online recruitment market can accommodate the game of multiple forces, and it may be time for the three generations of online recruitment platforms to scuffle between BOSS direct recruitment , quick recruitment, and spot-stealing workplaces. will be long…

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