Power Stone Technology completed 111 million yuan C round of financing

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Chuangyebang was informed that recently, Lishi Technology, an AI + data operation service provider of Shuzhinong Culture and Tourism, announced the completion of 111 million yuan in Series C financing. This round of financing was led by Hangzhou Yuhang Green Industry Investment Co., Ltd. and Anji Xinjunyi Ruihong Equity Investment Partnership Enterprise (Limited Partnership), Zhejiang Xingnong Venture Capital Partnership (Limited Partnership), Shaanxi Guanfeng Investment Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Huanchuang Enterprise Management Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership), etc.

It is understood that the financing funds are mainly used for R&D investment, project investment and human resource construction, etc. At the same time, Lishi Technology has also officially launched Pre-IPO financing.

Lishi Technology was established in 2010, focusing on the technology research and development and operation research of digital and intelligent cultural tourism and rural scene applications, and is committed to empowering the traditional agricultural and cultural tourism industry to achieve digital and intelligent transformation. Bottom-level capabilities, integrating AI, big data, Internet of Things and other cutting-edge technologies, focusing on the two major business segments of digital and intelligent products and digital and intelligent operations, targeting governments at all levels, agricultural cultural tourism groups, villages, scenic spots, agriculture-related and tourism-related Small and micro enterprises provide overall solutions for digital agriculture and cultural tourism.

At present, the agricultural and cultural tourism industry has a market size of trillions and has broad prospects. However, it lacks overall planning guidance, backward industrial facilities, lack of innovation in products, insufficient digital construction, weak industrial drive, and obvious industry bottlenecks. Digital reform is urgently needed to change the current predicament .

When talking about the core competitive advantages of Lishi Technology, Chen Haijiang, the founder and chairman of Lishi Technology, introduced that Lishi Technology has built a business model with the characteristics of “Shujujia, Township Management, Scenery Management, Tour Management, Industry Best, and Ticketing Best.” , Gourmet, Lishi Xiaozhi, Lishi Pay” as the core product system, and has always positioned itself as a trinity adhering to the concept of industrial and ecological integration, implementing the SaaS-based government business of the agricultural, cultural and tourism industry + industrial Internet + consumer Internet An enabler of planning, investment, construction and operations. Through cutting-edge scientific and technological products and innovative operation models, we lead the traditional agricultural and cultural tourism industry to embark on the road of digital and intelligent upgrading.

Chen Haijiang believes that now is the era of Generation Z, the main force of consumption has changed, and the development of the Internet has also reached a turning point. The first half of the Internet belongs to the era of consumer Internet, while the second half is the era of industrial Internet! Lishi Technology, together with local governments and resource parties, adopts the combination model of planning + construction + operation to lead the construction of a localized Internet platform for the agricultural, cultural and tourism industry, realize the integration of information, resources and funds, reduce ineffective costs, and improve industrial operations. efficiency.

Lishi Technology utilizes the Internet platform for agriculture, culture and tourism industry specially created by Industry Best for Dali, Yunnan, and combines government resources and policy support to give full play to its product and operational advantages to build an industrial resource integration platform and a unified payment platform for homestays, catering, scenic spots, etc. The improvement of quality and efficiency of industrial development is a vivid elaboration of Lishi Technology’s application of the industrial Internet concept to the agricultural and cultural tourism industry, forming the concept of Internet operation in the agricultural cultural tourism industry and putting it into practice.

In terms of promoting rural revitalization and common prosperity, Lishi Technology, based on the Daoxiang Town Platform built by Xiangguanjia in Yongan Village, Yuhang District, promotes new retail in rural areas by means of “co-prosperity adoption” of crops, forming a combination of agricultural products rising and tourists falling. The new model of agricultural tourism development will lead farmers out of poverty and become rich.

In addition, Lishi Technology, together with Zhejiang Qin Group, has deeply integrated local specialties with local cultural tourism through the digital platform of “Poetry and Painting Zhejiang, Hundred Counties and Thousand Bowls” created by Gourmet, which has promoted the upgrading of the province’s agricultural, cultural and tourism industry and consumption. It has driven the growth of rural agriculture and tourism economy, and played an important role in helping rural revitalization and promoting common prosperity.


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