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I never planned to do what I wrote in the book, but after reading other people’s data and theories, I was always affected by the process of roasting my own coffee beans, and I wanted to try and compare. It took a few months to adjust almost every parameter in the baking process in the direction written in the book, and then I tried to combine multiple parameters to adjust at the same time. In the end, after going around for a long time, I found that almost all the problems caused by the new adjustment, the solution is to return to my original plan.

Is reading useless? Or am I smarter than others? I don’t think so. Reading the theory book mainly sees the logic in it. It is of great significance to increase the firepower at a certain baking stage in the book, and it is certainly worth learning from if it is convincing in principle. However, after all, I have been engaged in baking for more than ten years, and it is not uncommon for some details to coincide with other people’s conclusions. However, it is also necessary to achieve heating. For different baking equipment, there is always a difference between increasing the firepower or closing the damper. I just chose a method that is more in line with the existing hardware conditions; so bringing different styles of performance is actually a matter of trade-offs. In short, jumping out of the habit process, tearing down, rebuilding, is an interesting and necessary experience, at least let me know that the path I am walking is not casual.


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