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One of Mianji’s Twitter friends recently decided to leave Shanghai. A sudden epidemic seems to have no end, and there is no freedom to live under extreme epidemic prevention policies. Shanghai, which seems to have been unblocked, has slowly returned to its original appearance. Maybe this is just an illusion. Since there were rumors that the city will be locked down for a while, people have started hoarding supplies to escape from Shanghai alive. And the last rumor that the city was closed was only more than two months ago. It turned out that it was indeed a rumor, but the time was magnified more than ten times. In the face of the sudden release of epidemic prevention control and the increasing numbers in the announcement, I can’t help but think of that March, the beginning of everything. A lot of people think that the second season is coming, and it may really become like this.

I have been hesitating whether I want to escape from here. Zhejiang has suddenly relaxed its control on returning home from Shanghai, from the original 7+7 to a 7-day health monitoring. Even if quarantine is no longer necessary, I will not go back. Because when I go back, I am destined to come here again. I now know how great it is to be able to work remotely and not be bound by location, especially if this is the case.

Today, he is about to move out. In this city where he has lived for more than a year, in this brief acquaintance, there is an indescribable feeling of parting. After all, this city has chilled the hearts of many people.

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