Apple-CarPlay takes over the car of the future – #21

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Over the weekend, I saw a picture (below) flowing out of Apple’s new connectable device called EyePod. The icon looks like the VR headset that Apple will release in the future.


Originally, I wanted to write about Apple VR, because I have a little background in VR, but now the pictures are all rumors, and I don’t know what to write about. Although Apple’s secrecy has been getting worse in the past two years, many devices are still not officially unveiled until the official conference. Usually, the early leaks of products are the fault of supply chain manufacturers, but this time I haven’t heard of any manufacturers exposing the prototype of the helmet, so I still need to wait, and I will continue to pay attention.


Although the topic of this issue is Apple, it is not VR, but CarPlay . Last week, the annual WWDC was officially unveiled. As a senior fruit fan, I stayed up late to watch this “Spring Festival Gala” as scheduled (but I was older and fell asleep directly in the second half of the journey), in which a car appeared during the introduction of CarPlay. The center console, with an extra-long screen, I believe this may be the first step in the so-called Apple Car in the future – taking over the operating system entry of existing car manufacturers. Let’s talk about it this time.

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