Brother Chun

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What kind of person are you?
Have friends, brothers, people you love and love you? Or a passer-by character who revolves around others.

All the articles on this blog are derived from my stories, not made up. The reason for writing them is that I have read some narrative style novels, so I also want to try to record them so that I can read them later. The story lines of the first few articles spanned 10 years, so let’s write about the events that can still be recalled.


On Friday, Brother Chun went to Mr. Chen’s hotel yard to ride the Jialing motorcycle parked here after school. His home is about 50 kilometers away from the school. He always rides motorcycles to and from school. I don’t know how to ride a motorcycle. He taught me how to ride, but after I fell, my calf was scalded by the exhaust pipe and burned a lot of oil, so I never rode again. I rarely go home on weekends. When I was riding my bike, I was eating rice bowls with Mr. Chen. I saw him and said hello. Brother Chun was 4 years older than me, but we were classmates. He liked to fight during school and was taken to Wenzhou to work for a few years. When he came back to study again, he was in the same class as me. When he came back to school, he stopped fighting, but he still didn’t like to study. The class counted down, but he was a good man. Many classmates borrowed money but didn’t pay it back. He was different. Credit, borrowed for a week at most and took the initiative to pay back the money, and he did not forget to bring some snacks to share when he returned it. In addition, he later contacted a volunteer association in the county to apply for the establishment of a branch in the school, and finally the school leaders intervened, this matter It was done, and I was dragged by him to join the volunteers, and we became acquainted later; Brother Chun asked me, “Crazy man, why don’t you go home with me? Take you to my hometown to play.” “Crazy man. “It’s my nickname at school. It’s because there’s a “Feng” in my name. I don’t know who started calling it. Slowly everyone started calling it that way. Go to his house and take a look: “Okay, wait for me to finish this meal!” After the meal, as soon as we got into the back seat of the motorcycle, Mr. Chen chased after him, carrying a helmet in his hand, and told us to pay attention to safety. , and handed me the helmet.

It was already dark before he arrived at Brother Chun’s house. It was autumn, and the night was quite cold. Brother Chun was also freezing. He stopped his motorcycle and came down to the side of the road to soak his urine. I followed. , after the two of them stretched out their hands around the motorcycle exhaust pipe and engine to keep warm, I told Brother Chun about the scalding from the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle, and when I was talking, I suddenly heard the sound of gongs and drums, and the sound of suona. Looking at the sound, a funeral procession appeared on the bend of the road behind. Brother Chun and I hurriedly got up and rode our motorcycles to leave. At this moment, the piercing cold wind didn’t feel cold anymore, and it was straight to Chun. Brother’s house; his home is in a small township, the house is newly built and has not been renovated, his parents are insurance sales, and he usually lives in a rented house in the county, and he is not at home; after entering the house, brother Chun is in the cabinet I turned out two packs of instant noodles and arranged them for me. I asked him, “Your parents are not at home, what are you doing here?” Brother Chun grinned: “They will be back early tomorrow, and I will take you fishing tomorrow. ” I squeezed into the same bed with Brother Chun at night, and soon fell asleep. When I woke up the next day, Brother Chun was washing his motorcycle downstairs. I asked him, “Where are your parents, what time will you be back?” Brother Chun was washing the motorcycle without looking up: “I won’t come back, let’s go fishing. “I followed Brother Chun to a field, took a hoe and dug some earthworms and went to the pond. There are few big fish in this pond. After fishing for a long time, all of them were small, and finally they were all released. I actually don’t like to eat fish. , I don’t like fishing either. Brother Chun saw that I was too bored to fish, so he offered to take me around on a motorcycle, and then he took me around the town, added some oil, and went back.


There is a girl in the class we call her “Big Pao”. Her own QQ nickname is also called Li Da Pao. The two of them often walked together, and Cannon often went to the seat to find Xiaoya to go to the toilet together. Slowly, I became acquainted with Xiaoya’s friends. Brother Chun and I were bragging on the balcony of his house, and Cannon sent a message, the content It’s: “Tonight I’m celebrating my birthday. I’ll go to the xx shop for dinner at 18:00, remember to attend!” She probably thought I was in school, so she notified me a little late, but I don’t know that I’m in a faraway village now, so I showed this to Brother Chun. A message, he didn’t hesitate: “Let’s go, I’ll take you to the county.” I wanted to reject Brother Chun and apologize to Cannon, but Brother Chun was very determined to send me, and then we went to the county. , I also reported the situation to Cannon on the way: “I’m at Brother Chun’s house now, but I’m on the way to the county, but I can’t attend on time, I’m sorry!” After a while, Cannon replied: “You two Get up, it’s time to contact me.” We didn’t arrive in the county until nearly 19:00 in the evening, Brother Chun rode the car near the hotel and let me go in by myself, I told Brother Chun to let both of us go with the cannon, Brother Chun might think that the original I didn’t invite him, because I invited him again. Besides, Brother Chun was not familiar with Cannon on weekdays, so he was a little embarrassed, so he said, “Go on your own, I’ll go to my parents to get some. Weekly living expenses.” I said goodbye to Brother Chun, stood at the door of the store and sent a message to Cannon, saying that this store is on the road, you need to go up the stairs, and you have to go up the stairs after entering the house. You can understand that the store looks like it is on a slope of a mountain. There are many buildings like this in Chongqing. After sending the message, I turned around and looked at the passing vehicles. I was still wondering if Brother Chun would be sad. Suddenly someone tapped me on the left shoulder from behind. I turned my head to see that there was nothing on the left, and the right shoulder was patted again, so I turned around. Seeing that Xiaoya was making fun of me, she immediately took a step back and said, “You are too late, everyone has finished eating, they will come down soon, you wait here!” People came down, Dagun, Xiaohui, Sasha, Qiangzi, Dafei, and a man who didn’t know; Xiaoya and Dabao, Xiaohui, and Sasha were in the same dormitory, and Qiangzi and Dafei were also in the same dormitory. The boys here belong to the class of troublemakers, and we are not familiar with each other. It is rumored that they are the boyfriends of Xiaohui and Sasha respectively. There were 8 people in me. After he saw me, he exchanged his eyes with me for a few seconds. Then he turned around and told Da Fei to take a taxi to KTV. Then he reached out and stopped a car. Da Fei took Xiao Hui and sat up. Qiangzi didn’t I plan to go, come over and tell Xiaoya to let her go up first, Xiaoya said she will sit with me, Qiangzi went to tell Cannon again, Cannon didn’t say anything, so he sat up, but on her birthday, she felt that Qiangzi was in charge Same thing, and then Sasha also went up, 4 people went to KTV in a car, Qiangzi stopped another one, and the remaining 4 of us also got on; in the car, Qiangzi spoke to me: “Mad man , You are so funny on Cannon’s birthday.” I understood what he meant, but I still asked, “What does it mean?” Qiangzi said, “You can pay 100 yuan, everyone will pay.” I can see it. He deliberately used the cannon not to ride in the same car as me. For this reason, he went to let Xiaoya get in the car first. If Xiaoya got in the car, he went to let the cannon in the car, so that Sasha could be left behind. Several people guided me to “pay the money”. If Xiaoya couldn’t attend, then Sasha would follow; “Yes, yes, all the money for her birthday goes to Qiangzi.” This is another boy talking, who was also assisting , Qiangzi was afraid that I would have doubts, so he said: “If you don’t believe me, ask Xiaoya, is everyone out of 100?”, and then patted the back of the co-pilot and asked Xiaoya, “Really?” Xiaoya also It’s not like lying and saying, “It’s true that everyone paid 100.” I couldn’t make the layer stiff, so I took 100 from my trouser pocket and gave it to Qiangzi, and Qiangzi took the rest of the money and folded the 100 into it, Then he said to the boy next to him: “Rat, give me a cigarette”, “Rat” handed me a cigarette, and I confiscated it, because I don’t smoke; in fact, the operation of collecting money for birthdays was very normal in the school days. People make the big head, and the others get the small head.

We arrived at KTV not long after, and Qiangzi seems to be a frequent visitor here. As soon as we entered the door, he joked with the staff in the store, and then a staff member took us to the box. Actually, I don’t like going to KTV, and I don’t like the atmosphere here. The main thing is that I don’t want to enter with people like this gangster. Everyone was eating the fruit plate, a few people were smoking cigarettes, Xiaohui and Sasha were also smoking, and Sasha was singing with a cigarette in one hand and a microphone in the other. She sang really well, her voice was beautiful and soft, while Xiaohui was with Qiangzi and the others. Playing dice, Xiaohui took Xiaoya to join in the game for a while, and then Xiaoya quit the game on the grounds that she could not play, and went to take charge of the jukebox. I knew that my 100 yuan must have been stolen by Qiangzi, Maybe everyone really paid 100, but the cannon definitely didn’t care about me, so I planned to drink the 100, so that the strong son couldn’t keep it in his pocket, KTV’s beer was 14 yuan a bottle, I sat next to it and drank it continuously 5 or 6 bottles, and then took the wine bottle to touch Dafei and the others. Qiangzi seemed to be aware of it. He came over and whispered to me to drink less, the money was not enough to settle the bill. In fact, I didn’t feel much after drinking this wine. , I expressed my understanding to Qiangzi. After drinking the cup in my hand, I told him that I would go out to take a breath. Then I sat under the street light outside the KTV and looked at my phone. It was only 11 o’clock at night, but this place is relatively remote. No one was there anymore. I leaned against the street light pole and fell asleep unknowingly. It felt like I had slept for a long, long time. When I woke up, only half an hour had passed, and my eyes were still a little confused. Just put the phone screen off and planned to squint for a while, Xiaoya sent a message asking me where I was, they disbanded, I said I was at the door, and then the group pulled out again, and Qiangzi asked me to go now Oh, I said I don’t know, I’ll take a walk again, and then the cannon pulled me aside to talk to me alone: ​​”Xiao Ya said they asked you to collect money?” I nodded and said, “It’s alright, everyone is out Now, I also gave a normal one, but I didn’t have a meal, so please invite me to dinner next time.” Da Cano didn’t say anything else, and asked, “Where are you going to sleep, I can’t go back to school at this time. Well, why don’t you come with us, and I’ll open a room for you.” I also guessed their next thought and rejected Cannon, I said, “I’m going to stay at my relative’s house for one night, don’t worry about me, you guys go. Let’s go!” Then the gun turned and returned to the “queue”, Xiaohui took Xiaoya and asked her to go with her, Xiaoya said that she would go home soon and would not go, and then the other 6 people walked towards the south of the KTV ; Xiaoya’s home is in the community behind the county primary school. I wanted to go north. I said, “Let’s go, I’ll take you home.”


We walked north. There wasn’t even a single car on the road at this point. The town was very quiet. Soon we reached the fork in the road. I said, “Is this the community where you live? Go over by yourself.” Xiaoya asked me Where to go, I said to walk and sober up, my head was a little dizzy, and then I found a hotel to stay in, Xiaoya said, “I’ll walk with you again, I can’t go home at this time, and my dad won’t beat me in the leg when I go back. It’s broken, I said that I will make up lessons at school this week.” I asked her: “Then why didn’t you go with Cannon and the others just now?” She said: “A few of them went to the open room, who knows what happened, Cannon just went to The one who helped pay, she really wants to go home.” I just found out that if Xiaoya went with them, maybe a few people took advantage of the wine to kill Xiaoya, and I don’t know if Cannon went home later. Got it. I asked, “Why don’t we climb Qishan Mountain at night?” Xiaoya said, “Did you not know what you are talking about when you drink too much?” I said I was almost awake. Qishan? Xiaoya didn’t refuse, so she went to Qishan; Qishan is a mountain in the north of the county. I don’t have any data on how high it is. Anyway, it is quite high. There are several climbing paths, one of which is relatively There are many cemeteries next to the big road, so we chose the other side to go up the mountain. If you drink too much, you will urinate a lot. After walking for a while, I will let Xiaoya wait in front. After I finish urinating, I will catch up. I also met a couple who were going down the mountain. The two went down the mountain hand in hand. When they met us, they had a few words. I found the man to get a lighter and finally reached the mountain at 3:30 in the morning. The wind on the top of the mountain was quite strong. , I made a pile of dead leaves, picked up some branches and started a fire; Xiaoya and I sat in front of the fire to keep warm, and made a joke that Xiaoya loved to cry when she first transferred to our class ( see the fourth paragraph of this article ). ), I was sleepy after chatting. The two fell asleep back-to-back by the fire. When they woke up, it was after 7:00 in the morning. Seeing that I was moving, Xiaoya also woke up. Both of them were sore and their legs were numb. , stood up and stretched, then went down the mountain together and went back to school to make up for sleep.

There is an evening self-study on Sunday night, and students who leave school in the afternoon will go back to the dormitory. I was woken up by my roommate at about 4 pm. After I got up, I went to Mr. Chen’s place to eat alone, and found that there were 4 people in Xiaoya Xiaohui. Sitting and chatting here, Qiangzi and several others are not here; Teacher Chen saw me coming and came over and asked me if I had forgotten something. Teacher, I forgot something. She said that the helmet she gave me has not been returned to her. Then she remembered that the helmet was still on Brother Chun’s motorcycle. Just as he was talking about Brother Chun, he came on a bike and gave the helmet to Teacher Chen. Mr. Chen smiled and asked what to eat. Cannon stood up and told Mr. Chen a few dishes, and then greeted me and Brother Chun to sit over. Mr. Chen asked why Cannon was so big today. I whispered about her yesterday. On her birthday, Mrs. Chen went to cook with her mother when she knew it. She also brought a few dishes to the table. Brother Chun didn’t shirk this meal, and explained hesitantly that he didn’t go yesterday because he was going to his parents. The reason for that is that this meal can be considered a cannon to “make up” for my meal.


Where is Brother Chun now?
The last time I met Brother Chun was in 2018. He asked me for a loan of 1,000 yuan. A few days later, I learned that he had signed up for the army. Since then, there has been less contact. In 2021, wechat received 1,000 yuan from Brother Chun. Transfer money, and he still lives in the barracks to this day.

August 21, 2022 Nanjing

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