Buffett and Wang Chuanfu, a recent conversation


Buffett: Mr. Wang, maybe you know why I made this call. I do want to confirm that if my team sells BYD shares in the next period of time, the price will not be too bad.

Wang Chuanfu: I don’t think it’s a big problem. The Chinese market has accepted new energy vehicles and BYD, and it has exceeded my expectations. As you know, the capital market has confirmed that we have entered the stage of continuous profit release and recognized our new technology. release rhythm and impact.

Buffett: You don’t seem to have any concerns?

Wang Chuanfu: You did what you should do, and I am doing what I should do. If you don’t delay, you should understand it. If you don’t understand it, it’s useless to say too much.

Buffett: It’s true, I know I can’t do anything more for you and your business, and the United States will not have a very positive role, I’m already very old, but the United States is older than me, I must Make appropriate arrangements and prepare for the worst.

Wang Chuanfu: But you look healthier.

Buffett: I wish I’d aged faster, you know what I said, you’ll see everything in your life.

Wang Chuanfu: I also know that you also said that no one can get rich by shorting their own motherland.

Buffett: I am glad I kept enough cash, but the Fed will release more liquidity. They already have enough room to cut interest rates, so I bought American oil companies. The new energy industry you are involved in is iterating too fast , which exceeded almost everyone’s expectations, and their investment in new wells has shrunk dramatically. I hope everyone can understand that with such returns and the current situation, at my age and Munger, talking about long-term investing is a bit funny, and I can’t be sure that the next person will think you are smarter than Gates.

Wang Chuanfu: New people will have new ideas and new starting points. Naturally, we cannot expect others to copy you and your brilliance. The only regret is that China and the United States will never return to the past. The same is true for everyone, but they will keep their gratitude and blessings in their hearts. As you can see, our layout does have a more reliable anti-interference ability.

Buffett: Great, thanks! My team will maintain proper communication with you,

Wang Chuanfu: Say hello to Mr. Munger for me!

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