School hasn’t started yet

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I’ve been worried recently. My son’s preschool has started for a few days, and the girl’s primary school hasn’t started yet!

In the class group, I asked the head teacher, and the head teacher was dismissed on August 31!

Really, so speechless…

A good school, which ranked second in our ranking last year, just transferred all the school staff and dismissed them just because they wanted to switch from private to public? ? ?

Thousands of students don’t care?

Afraid of parents making trouble?

What are you doing with the Education Bureau during such a long summer vacation?

School starts, no principal, no teacher!

When you want to empathize, why don’t you think from the perspective of your parents?

It’s because your kids aren’t in this school! ! !

After so long, the country’s rectification atmosphere seems to be unable to withstand the test in some places…

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