Buffett teaches you how to make price bets

Buffett said:

Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy!

Our ancestors also said:

Drought makes boats, water makes cars!

People abandon me and take, people take me and give!

The true meaning of investment is simple and clear at a glance! Yet easier said than done.

Buy undervalued ones and say that you are a price bet,

Those who buy growth also say that they are value investments.

Those who buy losses and reversal of dilemmas also say that they are value investments.

It can be described as various, and in the end, it seems to be settled whether you make money or not. If you make money, it is a value investment. If you lose money, everything is nonsense;

Buffett uses practical actions to tell you his understanding:

Case 1: When no one cares about new energy, buy a large amount at 8 yuan, which is greed when others are fearful; then start to gradually ship at 280, which is when others are greedy and fearful!

Case 2: At that time, PetroChina bought a lot of money around 1 yuan, which was what people gave me to take; when it was sold out at around 15 yuan, this was what people took and I gave!

After reading the above two classic cases, is it not clear what mature investors should join and what should they stay away from?

$ BYD (SZ002594)$ $ Hangzhou Bank (SH600926)$ $ China Merchants Bank (SH600036)$

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