Build and Install Nginx from Source on CentOS 7

You may need a newer version of Nginx than the version in the repository. As of today (April 30, 2019), the latest version is 1.16.0. Nginx developers maintain an up-to-date yum repository. I recommend using repositories as it’s easier to keep Nginx up to date. The Nginx Linux packages page explains how to add its repository to your system and install Nginx from it. If you still wish to install from source, read on.

The process of installing Nginx from source on CentOS is relatively few steps. they are

  • Install some required packages
  • Create an unprivileged service account
  • Download Nginx source code
  • Compile and install Nginx
  • Create a SystemD unit file
  • Create a SystemD environment file
  • test installation
  • Configure Nginx
  • Make

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