business sea ups and downs

Today, I finally got the best news this year. The latest round of financing for the new consumer companies that participated in the investment has finally arrived. Because this round of funds was participated by the Shenzhen Industrial Support Fund, the implementation of the investment agreement was stagnant due to the impact of the Shenzhen epidemic. The company’s business was also greatly affected during the Shenzhen epidemic, and the cash flow was barely maintained until it had to rely on borrowings from an investor like me.

When agreeing to borrow, Yali Shanda, in case of a change in the middle of the new capital, the funds will not be able to enter the company before June, not only the company is at risk of survival, my loan is difficult to recover, but if I do not borrow, I am afraid that the company will not be able to get the funds before the account. There will be team turmoil, and the previous investment will be wasted. No matter whether it is a business or an investment these days, it is just as dangerous and very dangerous.

There is a well-written lyric in “Unwilling”, which has recently become popular on Douyin. In the face of the current historical torrent and the economic dilemma under the impact of the epidemic, it seems that we little P citizens can only face it freely, betting on the national fortune, and there is no other way.

After all, we are only the lucky ones of the times, but how far can we go by being lucky for a while, it seems that we should spend more time with our children now.

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