Expert x Abstract x Analogy

Years ago, I had a lot of confusion about the word “expert”. What exactly is an expert? What does it mean to be a technologist? Are so-called “technical experts” on social media who have average strength in a certain area (such as programming), are they considered experts? In the past, I didn’t think about this issue in detail, until I saw a software meta-model and a book called “Appearance and Essence”, and then I reconstructed the prototype of an expert – thanks to the company before Recommended GEB.

Here, I try to make the first summary. As the first summary, it will have a series of imperfections that need to be improved in the follow-up.

The so-called expert is to construct a conceptual space with categorization (categorization) in the “domain” (or a sub-domain of the domain) that they are good at, and can flexibly improve their own concept base through analogy. In simple terms, an expert can have different levels of abstraction, and can “communicate” (programming dialogue) with different people in a reasonable way (different levels) in language.

Model: an abstraction of reality

Going back to the programming field we are good at, try to make an abstraction of the surrounding space. For example, modeling where we are in order to store it as data. In a different context, this position is a rather confusing one. For example, you are chatting with your relatives, ta asks you: Where are you now? Different people may have different answers:

  • For family members living together, the answer may be: the living room. Might let you go get a courier.
  • When on a business trip: XX city. Detailed information is not required.
  • Out of the city: xx mall.

From the communication level alone, this problem is quite daunting.


Original: Expert x Abstract x Analogy
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