Cai Chongxin’s family office is almost liquidating U.S. stocks


Blue Pool Capital, the family office and investment company of Alibaba Group co-founder Cai Chongxin, is rapidly withdrawing from the U.S. stock market and increasingly focusing on the private market. Blue Pool Capital is responsible for taking care of some of Cai Chongxin’s wealth… Regulatory documents show that since the beginning of last year, Blue Pool Capital has liquidated more than 30 stocks of U.S. listed companies, most of which are technology companies, including Microsoft, Google’s parent company Alphabet, Twitter, etc. . As of the end of June this year, the only U.S. stock held by Blue Pool Capital is the asset management company Blue Owl Capital, but the shareholding ratio has dropped from 14% in December last year to 9.8%… At the same time, Blue Pool Capital has already Invested in more than 10 unlisted startups around the world, covering sports, blockchain and healthcare.
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