Capriccio (6)

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As I get older, I feel more and more like a lack of self-imagination.
Recently, I became obsessed with science fiction, so I found a collection of Liu Cixin’s novels. There are about 20 novels. It took me a week to study them.
As a science and engineering student, Da Liu combined his romantic imagination with rigorous physics knowledge, which I admire very much.
The understanding of cosmic art in the poem cloud is my favorite one. When civilization develops to the end, survival has become the cry of infancy. There is no meaning except for nostalgia. To pursue a higher level of satisfaction, only Artistic sense.
The pursuit of art has been strong enough to destroy the galaxy, simple and crude but full of artistic sense.
Like Shiyun, there are also low temperature artists, who describe the end point of group civilization is individual civilization, and there is also no pursuit of survival, and the whole article is full of artistic color. But for low-level civilization, the pursuit of survival is still extremely necessary.
Da Liu’s writing style is very romantic. He writes the cruel universe with gentle brush and ink, and his relatively rigorous scientific knowledge fascinates me.

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