Programmer’s Fun (12)

Robots don’t have to follow human rules

247、The world’s problems are solved like this

Python is powerful

248. C language is not as difficult as you think

interesting content

249. This is how QA tests my code

desperate child

250. The best way to learn a language is to communicate with native speakers

Want to learn Python?

251. QA position required

Found the cause of the problem

252. Refactor the old code base

So many bugs to eliminate

253. Exit method when using vim for the first time

very fast

254. Programmers, Tests, and Users


255. Programmer’s Rest Time

Don’t you know the price of gasoline is going up?

256. The programmer ended the closed development and came out to meet the sun

long sprint

257. Add comments to setters/getters

Ha ha

258. The code I wrote on the phone


259. Programmer Master

Sao operation


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