Central bank digital currency will not have complete anonymity

Mu Changchun, director of the central bank’s digital currency research institute, said in a speech at the conference on Sunday that the central bank’s digital currency would not have complete anonymity . Mu Changchun said that in order to maintain financial security and stability, central banks and international organizations have taken risk prevention as an important premise when exploring the anonymity of central bank digital currencies. will be rejected by one vote. “Complete anonymity has never been considered by the central bank’s digital currency. Only limited anonymity under the premise of meeting regulatory requirements such as anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing is an international consensus.” “In the era of digital currency, regardless of the transaction amount, its The transaction costs are basically the same. The inconvenient nature of cash money increases friction for money laundering and terrorist financing. Therefore, the tolerance for the anonymity of cash is relatively high. The central bank’s digital currency is more portable. The same anonymity as cash will greatly facilitate illegal transactions such as money laundering. Therefore, the central bank’s digital currency should not have the same anonymity as cash.” Traditional currency has anonymity, but the anonymity of digital cryptocurrency has always been questioned. , Bitcoin, etc. advertised anonymity but quickly proved non-existent.

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