Cha Yan Yuese apologized for the opening turmoil in Nanjing, saying that the business hours of two stores will be adjusted


On August 19, Chayan Yuese posted a review of the opening of Nanjing, saying that because of a cup of milk tea, it caused too many unnecessary discussions, disturbed everyone’s attention, and brought a storm to Nanjing. I’m very sorry for this… “There are many disputes on the Internet, such as hiring people to line up, asking for purchasing agents, etc. It is normal for everyone to speculate because of this. I don’t ask everyone to fully believe in our innocence. After all, time is what makes us mutual. A good recipe for understanding and understanding.” Chayan Yuese said that there will be limited purchases to resist “purchasing and reselling” … Chayan Yuese said that the business hours of the two stores in Nanjing will be adjusted. Among them, the opening hours of the garden party on the negative first floor of Jiangning Jingfeng Center are: Sunday to Thursday 9:00-22:00, Friday and Saturday 9:00-22:30. The tentative opening hours of the tea shop on the negative first floor of IFCX in Xinjiekou this week are: 9:00-22:00 from Monday to Sunday.
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