Changes in capacity and output of Shaanxi Coal Industry from the second half of 2021 to the present

Nagging a few words about the output and nuclear increase of Shaanxi coal mines.

1. Shaanxi Coal’s mines that disclose monthly output are 16 pairs of wholly-owned and controlled mines:

1. Yulin City: Xiaobaodang No. 1, Xiaobaodang No. 2, Hong Liulin, Ningtiao Pagoda, Zhangjiamao, Hanjiawan

2, Yan’an City: Huangling No. 1, Huangling No. 2, build new mines.

3. Tongchuan City: Yuhua, Chaijiagou, Xiashi Festival, Chenjiashan.

4. Xianyang City: Dafo Temple, Hujiahe, Wenjiapo.

According to my observation, with the increase of production capacity and the release of high-quality production capacity, the monthly commercial coal output this year is between 12-13 million tons. 12.5 million tons can be expected to be the median of normal production.

Among them, those that are in the process of processing and have completed the processing are: Xiaobaodang No. 1, Hongliulin, Ningtiao Pagoda, and Zhangjiamao, four large mines of 10 million tons. Zhangjiamao has more than 1 million tons of production capacity, and the other three large mines each have an additional 2 million tons of production capacity. Compared with the same period last year, the production capacity increased by 7 million tons.

2. Coal mines with shares (less than 50% equity), a total of 5 pairs

1. Yulin City: Sunjiacha, Yuan Dataan, Guojiawan, Qinglong Temple.

2, Yan’an City: Jianzhuang.

These coal mines, except for Yuan Dataan, are not good at keeping an eye on the output. So my profit forecast also sometimes fails.

Among them, compared with the same period last year, Sunjiacha has an additional production capacity of 2 million tons, Yuan Dataan and Qinglong Temple each have an additional production capacity of 1 million tons.

Third, in general, each mine has increased its equity production capacity by a total of 4.98 million tons, a 6% increase in equity production capacity compared to the same period last year.

1. Increase the production capacity of the controlling interest by 3.79 million tons.

Xiaobaodang No. 1 200*0.6+ Red Willow Forest 200*0.51+ Ningtiao Pagoda 200*0.51+ Zhangjiamao 100*0.55.

2. Increase the production capacity of equity participation by 1.189 million tons.

Sunjiacha 200*0.3+Yuandatan 100*0.305+Qinglong Temple 100*0.284

$Shaanxi Coal Industry(SH601225)$

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