China Academy of Information and Communications Technology: 80% of Internet TV systems have illegal collection and sharing of user data

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Pinwan, June 17th, according to People’s Daily Online, the “OTT Terminal Data Security and Personal Information Protection Research Report (2022)” recently released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the Telecommunications Terminal Industry Association shows that the number of Internet TV users in my country is 1.083 billion. .

OTT is the abbreviation of “OverTheTop”, which refers to providing various application services to users over the Internet through the Internet. OTT terminal, domestic generally refers to Internet TV. The “Research Report” pointed out that the rapid development of the OTT terminal industry has also brought many security problems, such as untimely patching of vulnerabilities, unauthorized control of control modules, tampering of voice control content, excessive requests for permissions from application software/SDK, and access to user data. Illegal collection and sharing, direct collection and sharing of MAC, etc. cannot change the device identification, etc.

The “Research Report” pointed out that the security evaluation of a variety of Internet TV products, including 66 items in 6 aspects, showed that 75% of the tested TV operating systems had known security vulnerabilities; 80% had debugging interface protection problems; application installation, Voice control modules generally have security risks; 60% of pre-installed APPs have the problem of illegally collecting and sharing user information such as MAC addresses; 80% of TV systems have built-in SDKs and pre-installed applications that share sensitive user data with third parties without the user’s consent. Problems; APP privacy policies generally have problems such as incomplete content display.

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