Ministry of Education: Will be committed to expanding jobs and grassroots employment

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 According to the TMTpost app on June 17, Wu Aihua, deputy director of the Student Affairs Department of the Ministry of Education, said that the State Office document proposed 20 policies and measures to promote the employment of college graduates, which will help promote the employment of college graduates in 2022 and future employment. important meaning. Wu Aihua mainly introduces five aspects from the perspective of the education system: First, he is committed to expanding positions. Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are very important employment channels. The document proposes to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to recruit more graduates and provide one-time employment subsidies, social insurance subsidies, tax reduction and exemption and other support policies. At the same time, graduates are supported to start their own businesses, and policies such as guaranteed loans for business startups, interest discounts, and tax reductions are provided. Social security subsidies will be given to graduates who have flexible employment in the graduation year. At the same time, this year will continue to steadily expand the recruitment scale of state-owned enterprises. The second is to focus on grassroots employment. The third is to facilitate job hunting. Fourth, we are committed to responding to the epidemic. Five is committed to employment guidance.

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