China Meteorological Administration’s artificial rain enhancement plane arrives in Chongqing to support Chongqing’s rain enhancement and drought relief


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Pinwan, August 23, according to a CCTV news report, the China Meteorological Administration has urgently dispatched a high-performance aircraft to assist Chongqing in rain enhancement and drought relief work, and has dispatched experts to guide rain enhancement operations.

The aircraft that rushes to Chongqing this time is the new boat 60 high-performance aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with atmospheric detection subsystem, catalytic operation subsystem, air-ground communication subsystem, mission integration subsystem and mission power supply subsystem to realize atmospheric scientific detection and artificial precipitation under the coordinated command of air and ground. Real-time detection of resources to find suitable areas for operations and improve operation efficiency. The plane arrived in Chongqing at 16:00 on the 23rd, waiting for the precipitation weather system to enter the territory of Chongqing. It will join forces with 107 anti-aircraft guns and 96 rockets in Chongqing to “attack” to seek rain from the sky. The relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Meteorological Bureau said that at present, the material preparations before the operation, the route approval and other work have been done, and the operation can be carried out at any time with the cooperation of better cloud and water conditions.

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