Chinese Wiki users found to have massively tampered with the history of ancient Rus

Wiki user Amaryllis Gardener has written more than 27,000 Scottish Lowland articles since 2013, edited more than 200,000 times, and serves as a Lowland administrator. But in fact Amaryllis Gardener lives in North Carolina, is not Scottish, does not speak Lowland, and writes entries not in Lowland, but in English and then translated. Now Chinese Wikipedia has uncovered a similar case of large-scale counterfeiting . Wikipedia user Fumao has tampered with the history of ancient Rus on a large scale, edited about 4,800 times in total, and created at least 206 entries, most of which are related to ancient Rus, and most of the content is original or fictitious, and reference books are basically forged. In addition to Chinese, he also edited the corresponding English entry and even Russian entry to make the fake look more realistic. Most of his edits have now been removed.

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