Civil Aviation Administration: my country’s air cargo traffic has basically returned to normal


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 Titan Media App reported on August 18 that it was learned from the press conference of the Civil Aviation Administration held today that since the beginning of this year, my country's air cargo has maintained the recovery trend since 2021. Judging from the main production indicators, the volume of cargo flights still maintains a high level of operation, especially the volume of international cargo flights has achieved positive year-on-year growth. From January to July this year, the whole industry guaranteed a total of 163,000 cargo flights (including "passenger-to-cargo"), including 117,000 international cargo flights, a year-on-year increase of 1.8%. Affected by the domestic epidemic, my country's air cargo traffic showed a V-shaped trend in the first half of the year, and has basically returned to normal recently. Since March, the volume of transportation has continued to decline month-on-month. In April, the transportation volume has dropped to 420,000 tons, both month-on-month and year-on-year. As the traffic and logistics blockages were gradually cleared, the transportation scale returned to positive growth in May from the previous month. In July, the entire industry completed a total of 539,000 tons of cargo and mail transportation, an increase of 28.3% from April. (Source: CCTV News)

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