Clock Bar – Displays the current time on the Touch Bar, the only useful Touch Bar tool

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Clock Bar is a tool that can display the time on the Touch Bar, suitable for Macbook Pro devices with Touch Bar, can be set in multiple colors, and no other functions. @Appinn

Clock Bar - 在 Touch Bar 显示当前时间,唯一有用 Touch Bar 工具

Yesterday was a pain in the ass, thinking that I have to watch the time many times a day, and I need to turn my eyes to the upper right corner of the screen. Is there any tool that can save effort, so I locked my eyes on the Touch Bar. I didn’t expect such a tool to exist.

Green Frog thinks this is the only useful Touch Bar tool, and has the ability to find channel rebuttals.

Clock Bar

Clock Bar is open source on GitHub , and the installation method is ordered: brew install --cask clock-bar

The above installation method requires that Homebrew be installed first , which is a package management tool that can install software through the command line.

Once installed, Clock Bar can be opened in the Applications folder, and there is an admin interface:

Clock Bar - 在 Touch Bar 显示当前时间,唯一有用 Touch Bar 工具 1

In addition, long-pressing the Clock Bar time on the Touch Bar can also open this interface and modify the color, which is very simple.

Well, the only useful Touch Bar tool.

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