First-year girls’ nonsense programming explodes! Anyone who understands programming or not is tied to Q after reading it

Her daily work has made netizens call out: God of China’s computer industry!

In just two weeks, this female college student has attracted 400,000+ fans and over 2.6 million likes.

And the comments below are usually like this:

Is this a computational demonstration of a quantum computer, so strong.

Top hacker, that’s awesome.

There are even netizens who have changed their perception of computers: learning computers can be so interesting.

Is this a distortion of human nature or a loss of morality, and what kind of work is it that can make netizens marvel at this?

Her masterpiece “Height Calculator” was evaluated as “the most accurate calculator on the market” and “completely zero error”!

How exactly is this done? With such curiosity, we studied it.

Can software be developed like this? only you can’t imagine

According to her own statement, because of the rules of the school teacher, a “well-crafted” software assignment needs to be released every day.

So since the 25th of last month, classmate Chen has hardly stopped changing.

Let’s talk about her masterpiece “Height Calculator” first.

Just enter the height and you can measure the height immediately. The calculation process is almost flying, and it is accurate.

There is another masterpiece that has been “raised to the sky” by netizens: “Minute-Second Converter”, and there will be such wise as 2 minutes = 1 minute and 20 seconds .

Some netizens said: “To be honest, I hesitated when I saw this result.” “Hacker, this is definitely a hacker!”

If it is said that the two masterpieces mentioned above, some people may still think that it is nothing more than that.

Then, you really underestimate classmate Chen. Because she will tell you with practical actions: software is no longer software, it has been upgraded to high emotional intelligence.

The software mentioned by netizens is called “Weight Calculator”. As the name suggests, it is similar to the previous two, but the difference is that it is somewhat sophisticated.

For example, if you enter 90, it will tell you that you only have more than 80 pounds; if you enter 199, it will tell you that you only have more than 100 pounds…

Too good to have wood? Which girlfriend wouldn’t want to have such an “accurate” weight calculator!

And when you are struggling with what fruit to buy, then Chen’s “Fruit Picker” can’t be missed.

This selector can not only help you determine the fruit to buy, but also take into account that you are afraid that you will choose again, and it will be turned off directly .

I have to say, it’s very kind.

In addition to these “high emotional intelligence” software, there are things that can really show the technical flow of classmate Chen.

For example, play with the operating system~

Like this Cat Cat Recycle Bin.

With just one click, the recycling bin can be turned into a cat, which can deliver documents to feed every day.

The netizens below also gave suggestions for improvement. When the garbage is moved to the cat, it may be more interesting to let it open its mouth, or to make a moving picture to chew for a while.

There are also system optimizations for you, you can choose your needs: clean up garbage, clean up memory, system repair, speed up optimization.

After a rigorous calculation and analysis, this software directly and aggressively gives the solution——

Help you click on the 360 ​​installed in the system .

This operation shocked everyone again: 360 can command, it is definitely a top hacker.

Do you think this is over?

NONONO, after all, the title of top hacker is believing by seeing!

Check out this “123 Wooden Man” .

On the surface, pressing any button shuts down. But it’s actually not that simple.

It first gave you a few shots, but when you let go of your guard and thought it was all right, the computer was really shut down!

In this regard, classmate Chen himself said lightly that this is used to test people’s sensitivity and reflexes~

Judges, did your jaw drop?

It is worth mentioning that she also set up a QQ group to share these software packages for people to download and play. As a result, many people joined the group.

The latest group is already the sixth, and in less than a few hours, there are thousands of people.

ps. But what’s a little strange is that she didn’t give the source code. If you want to change the program and play it yourself, you have to go to her to customize it.

In addition, I also asked some computer students. The amount of homework for a software in one day is indeed a bit large. And still a freshman.

Of course, if they all submit assignments like this, it’s actually fine.

Nonsense software really hits Q

And the nonsense software that appears on Douyin is far more than Chen Yihan’s daily updates.

After the “computer god” appeared, imitators appeared in the “mortal world” one after another, and the level of programming was beyond that.

For example, for this personality tester with similar spirit and shape, netizens directly called Chen Yihan to pk.

Some people even helped Chen Yihan to optimize it. Well, it’s completely different from their previous daily painting style.

Just click in and take a look, it will really tie Q~

Then take the famous (120 seconds = 1 minute and 20 seconds) hour and minute converter as an example. This little brother fixed the bug intimately and added a taunt buff.

If the data is less than 120 seconds, you will be ridiculed by the computer: it’s too much, so simple, you still need to count?

How, is it a lot more advanced?

There is also a lot of advanced name generators. You can enter the name of your husband or wife at will, and you can jump out of the child’s name. It also comes with a surprise from the next-door Pharaoh.

In addition to optimizing the party, there are also wise netizens who have begun to draw inferences from one fact and find another way.

There are practical test tools, such as screen on and off detection, network detection, and power-on status detection.

It’s also made into a mobile APP~

It has to be said that this wave of technology level has been directly pulled up~

Another person made a random roll call system, and then successfully attracted the attention of Chen Yihan.

Netizens: Adding boredom to boring life

Regarding the popularity of this wave of nonsense software on Douyin, many netizens sincerely expressed: .

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