cold and warm March

#record broken thoughts

The website was temporarily closed for a while because of the filing. Fortunately, no one cares about my blog except myself, so even if it is closed for a few days, I will not lose any users. However, the waiting time is also worrying. Now the review time for icp filing in Jiangsu Province is too long. When I first filed in 2017, Tencent Cloud only needed 7 days from submitting the data to the management bureau to completing the review. In 2022 It actually took nearly 20 days for this filing, and I don’t know why the audit efficiency has decreased. Is it because there are more users who have established personal websites today than they have in 17 years?


I have been using the hexo blog for a while, and I feel more and more that static blogs are very popular in my heart. Many detailed tutorials and auxiliary tools also make it possible for a novice like me who does not know much about code to use it smoothly, and it is similar to dynamic blogs. Compared with, static blog maintenance workload is smaller, so it can focus more on writing, maybe it will continue to be used in the future.


I used to host my blog on netlify abroad. In fact, the experience is not bad, but it is not as fast as using domestic cloud services, so I submitted for the record. Currently my blog uses Tencent Cloud to develop cloudbase’s static website hosting Services, pay-as-you-go, the fewer readers the more money you save, it seems to find ways to reduce the number of visitors to the website.

#cold and impermanent

The weather in March is cold and warm. Walking on the road, you can see both short-sleeved shorts and down cotton trousers in the crowd. You have to check the weather forecast every day before deciding what to wear. I just put away my winter clothes, and suddenly there is a cooling effect. Now I don’t dare to catch a cold casually, so I have to take the collected clothes out of the box.

#epidemic repeated

The repeated epidemics disrupted all arrangements. I was supposed to go to the school for an internship this semester, but just one day after I went to the school, I was told by the internship school that “the internship is suspended due to the epidemic situation”, and the university implemented closed management soon after.

I have read five books in the two or three weeks in school, and the annual flag has been completed 5/30:

“China Under Cixi’s Rule” John Otway Brand “Love in the Time of Cholera” García Márquez “The Political Gains and Losses of China’s Past Dynasties” Qian Mu “Doctor Zhang and Doctor Wang” Yi Xianfeng / Yang Ying “Dust Falls” “Alai”

This also shows how boring I am these days.

#life is unpredictable

The world is unpredictable and life is impermanent, just like the saying that tomorrow or the accident will come first, a moment of silence to the victims and prayers for all misfortunes.


Each of the above topics can be written on a separate blog. These are also topics that I wanted to write during the closing days, but I didn’t write them because I was lazy, so I’m just lazy, and briefly summarize them here.

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