“Yidayun”, which is about to go bankrupt

Closing notice

Founded in 2017, Yida Cloud is a small cloud computing workshop that is backward in the world. It is an unofficial agent of Tencent Cloud downstream services. It has provided unsafe and unstable services for several users. , now due to unforeseen factors, it will close ahead of schedule in September 2022, hereby notified!

Yida Cloud

I only heard about Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud. Where did Yida Cloud come from? The so-called Yidayun is just a joke. It has neither registered company operation nor official website address. It just uses several idle servers in the port area to host blogs for bloggers. The servers in Tencent Cloud Hong Kong are not cheap. Why do I still have a few idle? Thanks to Tencent Cloud + Campus Activities, which provided me with several low-cost servers.

Tencent Cloud + Campus

This is an early discount activity launched by Tencent Cloud for students. Its development process is roughly as follows:

The v1 version, the activity rules of this version started in October 2015 and went offline in September 2017. It adopted the method of issuing coupons for renewal every month. At first, the system automatically issued coupons, and later changed to manual collection. There are two types of coupons, one is for 65-64, and the other is for 167-155. It stands to reason that only one of the two coupons can be received, but later due to frequent changes in the activity rules and very confusing, anyway In the end, I can get both coupons in my account, and the renewal coupons are full discount coupons, and there are no restrictions on renewal models and regions.

v2 version, the activity rules of this version are from September 2017 to October 2020. The difference from v1 is the specified model configuration. There are two preferential renewal opportunities, and the renewal time can be selected from 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 month, unlike v1, which requires monthly coupons.

For the v3 version, the current event time marked on the official website is from October 15, 2020 to June 31, 2022. The v1 and v2 versions mentioned above need to be certified by students in principle, but the v3 version only needs to meet the condition of being under 25 years old to participate. It is also a designated model, and the number of renewals is increased to 3 times. You can only enjoy the first order, and it does not support renewal at the same price. The renewal price of cloud servers is much higher than before, but the configuration has also been improved a lot.

Shut down Cloud+Campus V1.0

My 3 Tencent Cloud Hong Kong servers were purchased during the v1 version in 2017, and I have renewed by receiving coupons every month. Because I used the student ID card of the undergraduate and master students for 8 years, my coupons are used for student certification. The end time of receiving the coupons should be 2024, but when I received the coupons yesterday, I saw a notice from Tencent Cloud:

Dear Tencent Yunyun+ campus users, hello!

Thank you for your long-term support to us. The Cloud+Campus V1.0 you participated in was offline in September 2017. Today, considering that the last batch of student users have also graduated, we have decided to shut down Cloud+Campus V1.0.

The renewal vouchers you have received can continue to be used within the validity period. If you have any questions about the inability to renew due to price reductions, please contact us. After February 18, 2022, they will no longer be issued.

Thank you again for having walked with Cloud+Campus for a long time.

Unable to bear the cost of “operating”

Although it was originally expected to shut down “Yida Cloud” in 2024, as described earlier, Tencent Cloud shut down Cloud+Campus V1.0, which made the already loss-making “Yida Cloud” unable to afford the high cost server renewal fee.

Therefore, after less than a second of consideration, I decided to delist Yida Cloud ahead of schedule. Please back up the website data files as soon as possible after reading this article, the only remaining user of Yida Cloud. I would also like to thank Yida. The cloud used to be one of the few users, it is your support that made me lose today, thank you!

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