Crazy Thursday App – 🎉 Send it to your friends, let TA treat you to fried chicken

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Crazy Thursday App is a gadget that replicates Crazy Thursday copywriting on iPhone and Android phones, yes, it’s so boring. @Appinn

疯狂星期四 App - 🎉 发给你的好友,让 TA 请你吃炸鸡

From the Discovery Channel , recommended by developer @shensven:

The whole thing is done, you can quickly copy the crazy Thursday copy through the App (iOS + Android).

In addition, although it is a React Native project, it also gives some inspiration to children who are learning React.

It’s a very simple app, but it’s very interesting. The developer said that there will be documents for contributing copywriting in the future, and then everyone can contribute copywriting. 😂

疯狂星期四 App - 🎉 发给你的好友,让 TA 请你吃炸鸡 1


Note that the current version is very simple and there is not much copywriting. It is recommended to all programming enthusiasts. If you’re just a Crazy Thursday lover, you’re probably going to be disappointed.


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