Wood & Resume – Write resume in the easiest way, Markdown-based online resume creation tool

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Muji Resume is an online resume creation tool based on Markdown. With dozens of built-in resume templates, you can easily generate beautiful resumes and reduce the burden of finding a job. @Appinn

木及简历 - 用最简单的方式写简历,基于 Markdown 的在线简历创建工具

From the Discovery Channel , the developer recommends: Wood and Resume, 1.5 years, 50 iterations, you can write a professional resume with Markdown , the original title has 20 activation codes, but you know it.

Wood & Resume – Write your resume in the easiest way

Although Mu and resume emphasize Markdown-based, in fact Markdown is still a bit of a slang for many ordinary users 😂

木及简历 - 用最简单的方式写简历,基于 Markdown 的在线简历创建工具 2

After applying the template, Mu and Resume provide two columns for display: the left side is the editable area where you can see what you get, and you can switch to the Markdown code, and the right side is the preview.

There are also some functions in the form of plug-ins, such as smart one page (turn 0.5-1.5 pages into 1 page), translation (paid), custom fonts, colors, line spacing, and even modify CSS, and finally export .pdf, pictures , .md three formats.

The current template classification mainly includes the following categories:

  • Internet Universal
  • front end
  • rear end
  • algorithm
  • product
  • Operation
  • test
  • Operation and maintenance
  • finance

But in fact other industries can also apply.

Finally, the developer also left some words:

“Muji Resume” is the first product I made. It has been 1.5 years since the first line of code was submitted. Today, it has changed from a single function to a colorful, and the plug-in-based pluggable can be DIYed by you. . Thanks to the friends who have supported us in the past year and a half. We have not done any promotion, and in most cases, we only rely on word of mouth. But under such circumstances, we have helped you to export 10w resumes in the past 1.5 years, and I am quite satisfied with this figure. Because of you, it has grown into a small station that can stand on its own. At the beginning of this month, we also developed member-related functions. Like most developers, we may just want to be a small website at first, but as it grows up, we have to consider that it has the ability to make blood. . It is indeed difficult to generate electricity for love. As I wrote on the member landing page, I have received a total of 297.7 yuan in appreciation since the development. Not to mention the development effort, this cost is far from the cost of servers and third-party services. The development of paid functions is also responsible for each user, which means that the platform will be able to cycle on itself, rather than suddenly disappearing at some point. Finally, I would like to thank Nanxi for the support and help for the past year and a half. Her encouragement won’t keep me going until now.


The developer made up the code once, and Green Frog found one today, which is a monthly VIP. In addition, you need to follow the official account to log in.

Original: https://ift.tt/06VnYGr

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